Bruce Campbell: Top 5 times Ash Williams got the girl

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2. Linda’s Surprise Gift (Evil Dead)

Although Bruce Campbell refers to Linda’s magnifying glass necklace as “crappy” the moment in the original Evil Dead where Ash gifts Linda with this piece of jewelry is incredibly sweet. The way he pretends to be asleep with the box on his leg, is playful and dare I say adorable?

21-year-old Ash has the world ahead of him, the love of a good girl and for a brief moment in time we see him as he was before all the Deadites and the non-stop carnage. Who would have thought that the word dreamy would be used in conjunction with him? Here is the proof.

1. Ash’s Romantic Dance (From the edited for television version of Evil Dead II – Mexico)

About two years ago, a video of a scene that appeared in the edited for Mexican television version of Evil Dead II made the rounds. Believe me when I tell you that this is Ash Williams as you have never seen him before.

The entire sequence, including the light dancing between him and Linda (Denise Bixler) is classic movie excellent. Forgetting the location and the fact that this a horror film, this could have been taken straight from an old Gene Kelly movie.

Think about it. 1950’s technicolor, enhance the music with an orchestra and of course, the part where Ash pulls Linda on top of him would just be a fade out and cut to the next morning.

Honorable Mentions

I Want Candy (Ash vs Evil Dead S03 E01 – Family)

Ash finds out in Season 3 that he has a daughter courtesy of Candy Barr who he married in a hot minute in a Branson, Missouri chapel. While they are en route to the local high school to save their daughter, it finally dawns on Williams that he might in fact be a father.

We see a steamy coupling in the Delta followed by a hasty encounter in a bathroom and then a funky wedding with Ash looking a tad bit like Lemmy from Motorhead. While this isn’t as tender as some of the above mentioned on the list, nonetheless it is one of the funnier moments in the episode.

Care to Join Me? (Ash vs Evil Dead S01 E01 – El Jefe)

Since this particular excerpt from the STARZ series is sort of intense, if you click on the link you can view it.  Say hello to 50 something Ash. He is a far cry from the shy, nerdy guy that ended up killing his friends on that fateful weekend at a cabin.

Not surprising considering that he has lived with the aftermath of that horrific set of circumstances for 3 decades. His way of coping involves, late night pub crawls and rendezvous in dive bar bathrooms. Once again, this is not a hearts and flowers moment but it is priceless comedy and Bruce Campbell at his very best.

There you have it. Nothing like getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit revisiting Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in the Evil Dead universe.

Let us know if you have a favorite “romantic” moment involving Ash in the section below. We want to hear from you.