The Passage introduces a new antagonist in Horace Guilder


With the introduction of special weapons expert, Horace Guilder, The Passage has set up a key antagonist for Amy and Brad moving forward.

A director of Project NOAH and special weapons expert, Horace Guilder, drops by the facility to assess the status of their experiment. He is less interested in the status of the vaccine and more so in the special “side effects” exhibited by the test subjects, i.e. the virals. Guilder wants to weaponize them and takes a keen interest in Amy.

Horace Guilder’s fascination with Amy sews discord between Clark and Nichole. She believes Project NOAH should be shut down since they failed to create a viable vaccine but Clark is a good solider and won’t reject protocol to rebel against Guilder’s orders. Orders to set up a meeting with Amy in private so he can see what she is capable of.

Thus far, Amy is presenting telepathic abilities, something Horace Guilder is intent on exploiting. He cannot hide his greed and Nichole is alarmed by the danger Amy may be in. She has a change of heart and decides to help Amy and Brad escape.

Meanwhile, Doctor Pet is busy trying to make a loyal servant out of Wilson, the serial killer viral. But Wilson easily turns the tables on Pet and forces him to aide in his own escape. After draining Pet’s blood, he encounters Brad on his way out and attacks him too. But Amy saves them both with the release of some kind of supersonic scream that sends Wilson scampering away like a wounded animal.

“Did you just do that?” Brad asks. “I just did that.” She responds, shocked at her burgeoning abilities.

THE PASSAGE: L-R: Jamie McShane and guest star Jennifer Ferrin in the “How You Gonna Outrun The End of The World?” episode of THE PASSAGE airing Monday, Feb. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. Cr: Erika Doss / FOX.

The Truth About Elizabeth

As we know, Elizabeth Lear is Jonas’s mentally despondent wife who has succumbed to catatonia due to her Alzheimer’s. More than that, she is an ex-lover of Tim Fanning. The two carried on an affair when Jonas was in the height of his academic glory days, often leaving his wife lonely and out of touch with her husband.

A former colleague and friend of the couple, Fanning fell in love with Elizabeth. Something he has no problem taunting Jonas with now even as he resides in a cage of his own design.

In the aftermath of coming into contact with Anthony’s blood last week, Jonas fears he might turn and instructs Nichole to kill him if he does. While in captivity, Fanning wastes no time in taunting the scientist with Elizabeth’s secrets. Though he need not have bothered since Jonas already knew about their affair.

While Fanning is taunting Jonas, one of his lap dogs is busy “curing” Elizabeth. When Jonas gets out of his cell he runs to her and she appears to be herself once more but an ominous camera zoom on the syringe behind her shows that all is not what it seems. Will Jonas still love Elizabeth if she turns into a lethal killing machine? Obviously, this is all part of Fanning’s plan to reunite with Elizabeth. With her operating on the same wavelength as him, he’ll be able to gain insight to her mind with even more mental acuity.

THE PASSAGE: Emmanuelle Chriqui in the “How You Gonna Outrun The End of The World?” episode of THE PASSAGE airing Monday, Feb. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. Cr: Erika Doss / FOX.

Lila Gets Kidnapped

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In the aftermath of the reporter’s death, Lila and Lacey are sent back to square one. They seek shelter in a convent where Lacey has an ally in one of the sisters. While there, she talks about her drive to protect Amy. Lacey feels something bad is coming, “Book of Revelations” bad.

She wouldn’t be wrong either considering Lila gets kidnapped not long after in the middle of a prayer. Sacrilegious much? I’m pretty certain the pair has been under surveillance since the moment Wolgast went rogue. So while I was shocked to see it happen so suddenly, it wasn’t that surprising.

I wonder if Brad will have to go back to Project NOAH now? If Lila might be used as bait to get Amy back to the compound?

Odds & Ends

  • Horace Guilder reminds me of Ned Flanders, which makes him even creepier than he already is.
  • Amy tells Guilder he is “a bad guy” and he instantly realizes she was reading his mind. I don’t even want to know what she saw in there to trigger that response.
  • Amy: She said when I change you won’t want me anymore. Brad: I’m not going anymore. You want family, that’s me, not them. Me.
  • “What’s the worst that could happen in 30 seconds?” Really Doctor Pet? You wanted to test fate like that?

A new episode of The Passage titled “I Want to Know What You Taste Like” premieres Feb. 18, on FOX.

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