The Great Wall of Horror watches HBO’s Folklore episode 3 (Nobody)


On this installment of The Great of Horror, we travel to a construction site in Singapore for episode three of “Folklore” titled “Nobody.”

As The Great Wall of Horror continues charging through more of HBO’s new show, Folklore, it seems the show just can’t disappoint. The last two episodes, “A Mother’s Love” and “Tatami” were tremendous and full of tension and supernatural fear and horror.

On this episode of Folklore, the show takes us to Singapore to teach us of a supernatural entity that exists in many countries (an Indonesian city is even named after it) and is created from a sad end. The third episode is called “Nobody,” directed by Eric Khoo and stars Aric Hidir Amin, Louis Wu Luoyi, Jean Maguire, Dayang Nur Balqis, Sivakumar Palakrishnan, and Li Wenqiang.

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The story centers around a construction site. The company has hired workers from across Asia who are working long hours to meet the deadline for a hotel. When a body of a young girl is found while digging at the site, the foreman orders a construction worker to take her body away and burn it.

Hesitant because if burned the police can’t find her family, he pretends to burn her but buries the body instead out of respect. While burying her, he notices a large nail hammered into the back of her neck, which he removes so she will be more comfortable in the afterlife. What he doesn’t realize is that removing that nail has awakened a Pontianak bent on revenge.

Pontianaks show up in many cultures in Asia, predominantly Indonesia where there is a city by that name. A Pontianak is a woman who has died during childbirth and becomes a vengeful spirit that attacks men and eats their hearts. The story of this Pontianak is especially devastating and it’s hard to decide who’s side to be on throughout the episode. “Nobody” was especially interesting because everyone on the construction crew spoke a different language, so viewers got a realistic look of people trying to communicate without understanding each other’s native language.

This episode of Folklore had a more classic supernatural and paranormal feel and the story was sad and heartfelt with some pretty scary moments. On the next episode of Folklore, we head to Thailand to watch the fourth episode in the series, “Pob.”

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