Project Blue Book: The Abduction of Thomas Mann

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Compromising Encounter

Compromising Encounter – Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel and the History Channel

While this drama is unfolding, there is a subplot involving Mimi, Susie and her associate. The idea is to blackmail Hynek in the hopes of getting state secrets and possibly recruiting him to work for the Soviets. How do Susie and her thug partner hope to achieve this goal?

Through seduction, that’s right. Susie’s associate has her number and knows that she has feelings for Mimi. So, he wants her to use her “assets” to obtain information. The plan is for Susie to appear vulnerable after being beaten once again at the hands of her husband so she can compromise Mimi.

It works and the next thing you know, copious amounts of alcohol are consumed and Susie ends up slipping Mimi a mickey. This ends up incapacitating her so that she gives into Susie’s advances.

Later on, when Mimi wakes up with a wicked hangover, she reads the note that her friend left her. The look on her face tells all. She definitely remembers the encounter. Susie returns to her associate to give him the news.

When he asks her for the proof, Susie replies that she isn’t going to turn over the photographs to him. If she even took any which is suspect. What happens next comes out of the blue and is totally unexpected. Susie shoots her partner dead.

Proof of Contact

Project Blue Book – Proof of Contact – Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel and the History Channel

Thomas Mann is at his breaking point and he draws a gun on the professor and Quinn. His behavior is erratic and it appears he isn’t thinking clearly. Michael surmises that it is due to being shell shocked during the war. This theory sets Mann off.

When he recounts the night that changed his life, he can’t remember anything beyond being bathed in a white, hot light that appeared from the large craft. Allen is intrigued by his story and wants to hear more while Quinn remains skeptical.

Hynek offers to hypnotize Thomas so that they can unlock his memories and get to the bottom of what happened to him. What they uncover is truly terrifying. Not only was Mann abducted but he was also submitted to a painful medical procedure that involved lasers.

When he gets to that part in his story, the trance is broken and Mann is screaming on the floor. At this point, all hell breaks loose. The MP’s are knocking at the door because they know something is not right since Mann was an unauthorized civilian on the base.

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Hynek and Quinn try to talk sense into him by saying maybe what happened to him was a flashback from the war, which causes Thomas to become confused. Feeling like he has no other recourse, Mann locks Michael and Allen in another room while he gets Valerie to extract an implant from his neck.

While Allen and Michael are locked in the room together, the two men start fighting. Tensions running high, they come to blows with one accusing the other of keeping secrets, and lying.  Their scuffle is cut short when Thomas enters the room showing them the disc that his wife extracted from his body.