Ghost Survivors: Why RE2 fans aren’t happy with the DLCs


With Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake blowing everyone away with it’s quality and gameplay, Ghost Survivors has been just a little underwhelming.

We’ve reviewed the main campaigns of Resident Evil 2, we’ve reviewed 4th Survivor and now we are here with the new Ghost Survivors DLC. Ghost Survivors is the first of the free content that Capcom is giving players of RE2, not the least of which are the additions of the ’98 skins for Leon and Claire (which are amazing). But not everyone is super pleased with the Ghost Survivors DLC.

Ghost Survivors follows three survivors of the initial infection that just didn’t make it out of Raccoon City. These three scenarios follow a “what if” timeline, meaning what if they had gotten out. What if their fates had been different.

You follow Robert Kendo (who you met during Leon’s walkthrough after his daughter was infected), Katherine Warren (the mayor’s daughter who succumbed to Chief Iron’s sick taxidermy hobby), and an unnamed Umbrella soldier known only as Ghost (he was with the group of soldiers in the underground lap that met up with William Birkin).

All of the stories are timed survival modes, much like 4th Survivor and that’s the problem people have with the DLC. While timed survival mode is great for one DLC, players (myself included) were hoping for a more story-driven DLC. All of the story was given in image flashes and text boxes which was highly disappointing.

Image courtesy of Capcom

The graphics are just as good as the main campaign but there were certain move glitches during the mode, especially with the zombies wearing the backpacks. The movements were extremely jerky and slightly unsettling.

Each campaign in Ghost Survivors has a special infected that is not included in the main campaign including zombies that release a poisonous gas and zombies that regenerate so fast, they require special high-powdered rounds (a little too similar to the pale molded of Resident Evil 7). The DLC offers three different modes of difficulty, although none of them are easy. There is a training mode available in the event you are having difficulty.

Once you beat all three modes, either in training mode or standard, you unlock a fourth Ghost Survivors story about the unfortunate sheriff who came upon the gas station from the beginning of the game, which also explains the cop car that Leon and Claire drove into Raccoon City.

The ’98 skins are currently available for download and offer a nostalgic air to the game, especially when you switch the music to the ’98 OST. While I wish the Capcom had done more for the story in Ghost Survivors, they are offering players a ton of replayability in both the main game and in the DLCs.

I have said before that 2019 is the year of Resident Evil and many are jumping on the zombie train. According to Kotaku, a Japanese company has turned Leon’s Lightning Hawk into a real airsoft gun, complete with a 10 inch long barrel upgrade, just like the game. I know what you guys can get me for me birthday…just sayin’.

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