The Oddity Files: Norman Reedus has a haunting tale to tell


The Oddity Files podcast has another special guest lined up for their show this Friday. Norman Reedus is going to tell us about his brush with the paranormal.

The Oddity Files is an award-winning fun podcast that has a little bit of everything for lovers of the paranormal. From hauntings to UFO sightings and cryptids, not a supernatural stone is left unturned.

Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott are your guides to the other side. When these two aren’t taking pictures of celebrities and fans at conventions across the country with CelebPhotoOps, they can be found hunting ghosts and searching for the truth. They are like the midwestern version of Scully and Mulder.

In February, Bruce Campbell was their guest with his story about a possible UFO sighting at his home in Oregon. This Friday, they have another awesome celebrity lined up with his own terrifying tale. Norman Reedus will be joining Kitsie and Clayton to talk about his haunting experience filming Blade 2 in Europe.

Kitsie assures me that it is definitely a crazy story so Walking Dead fans mark this one on your calendar.

If you don’t subscribe to this podcast, what are you waiting for? You can find them on iTunes, at Podbean and on YouTube. Also, you can meet the gang in person at their live broadcast at HorrorHound in Cincinnati this weekend on March 15 at 6 p.m.

The Oddity Files are on Amazon Prime as well. To stay up to date with their schedule and celebrity guests follow them on Twitter @OddityFIles, Facebook and Instagram @oddityfiles.

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