Classic horror film posters to be auctioned, March 23-24!


Want to get some rare, classic horror film posters? If you have the cash, you’ll have a chance this March 23-24!  Heritage Auctions has plenty of options.

Yes, Heritage Auctions has its hands on some iconic movie posters, including from films like The Bride of Frankenstein (Universal, 1935) and The Wolf Man (Universal, 1941), and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Universal, 1923). A fair warning, though: These posters will likely go to more serious collectors, due to their monetary value. A poster for The Bride of Frankenstein is valued at around $50,000-100,000, while The Wolf Man poster has an estimated value of $30,000-60,000!

Regarding The Bride, the press release says the insert is “one of the most desirable posters in Universal’s now-legendary horror franchise, and one of very few copies known to remain in existence.” The film is often considered one of the greatest sequels ever. In fact, it no doubt influenced others sequels to carry “bride of” or “son of” titles.  For more info on how to get these posters, here’s the main page.

Other movie posters

There’s a little less fanfare over a Godzilla poster, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be cool to have framed on a wall somewhere. Its opening bid is at $2,200 (as of my writing this). It’s described like this: “Godzilla by Enzo Nistri (Paramount, 1957). Very Fine+. Signed Original Gouache Concept Artwork on Illustration Board.”

There’s also one for Werewolf of London (Universal, 1935), currently at $5,000.  There’s an 8″ X 14″ window card of The Raven (Universal, 1935), currently valued at $4,000. The Raven  stars horror icons Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. What’s my personal favorite item?  It’s the image from a magazine promotional ad for Nosferatu.  So, if you’re rolling in enough dough, you could potentially have this, The Wolf Man, the Bride of Frankenstein and who knows what else styling up your place!

Non-horror options

Of course, not every poster is from the horror genre. There’s a poster for Red-Headed Woman, a 1932 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer romantic comedy starring sex symbol Jean Harlow. Although it’s not a horror film, it’s rather telling how racy it was, as it was banned in parts of the US, and from the United Kingdom entirely! If that’s not enough, this poster was displayed at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

More from Creepy Collectibles

There’s also a poster for The Wizard of Oz (MGM, 1939) valued at anywhere between $40,000-80,000. Most readers have seen The Wizard of Oz, but what if you had a rare poster of it?

A few other posters available: Chain Lightning  Original Art by Alfredo Capitani (Warner Brothers, 1949) (estimate: $15,000-30,000), The Man Who Laughs (Universal, 1929) Autographed German Posters (estimate: $12,000-24,000) and The Maltese Falcon (Warner Brothers, 1946) First Post-War Release French Grande (estimate: $8,000-16,000).

For non-cinema posters, there are some incredible war propaganda posters. One by Harry R. Hopps is particularly wild, depicting Kaiser Wilhelm “in the form of a hulking, salivating, plundering primate, threatening to bring destruction down upon the shores of America.” There’s also the world famous “Uncle Sam” recruitment poster. So, basically, you have a lot of exciting options…if you have that kind of money lying around, that is.

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