Project Blue Book: Season 2 will be about peeling back the layers


Project Blue Book ended with “real contact” being made in the frozen wasteland of Antarctica. Apparently, showrunner Sean Jablonski tells us it isn’t what we think.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Project Blue Book had an incredible season one finale. From the first frame to the very last one, it was a sitting-on-the edge-of-your-seat kind of thrill ride.

The Washington Merry-Go-Round episode proved that the truth is out there and Hynek and Quinn are going to do whatever it takes to find it. Even if it means a little bit of deception on their part.

It took the last episode and Michael’s dogfight with the UFOs to make him finally believe. While it may have seemed like Allen sold him out with the temperature inversions and hypoxic dementia (lack of oxygen to the brain brought on by the high altitude flying) theories, in fact, he did just the opposite.

By lying to the committee, he actually removed them from constant scrutiny. Freeing them to receive more case files and more research to prove what they already know. We are not alone.

When the Man in Black a.k.a. The Fixer appears in Antarctica in front of the obelisk, it may appear that he is sending a signal to the aliens. After all, in the voiceover when Hynek calls Quinn he tells them they are about to make “real contact.”

Operation Highjump

Showrunner Sean Jablonski in an interview with Entertainment Weekly says it isn’t what we think. Let’s give a little background into why M.I.B. was there in the first place. If you watch the series Ancient Aliens, this isn’t going to be new information.

During World War II, the U.S. ended up in Antarctica alongside the Russians establishing bases for research. We wanted to keep an eye on each other but most importantly, we believed that the Nazi’s had a secret facility there for weapons testing. It was also rumored that they were reverse engineering UFO technology.

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The official name for our mission was Operation Highjump. At the time, we were establishing a base called Little America IV. The idea was that we would study “electromagnetic, geological, hydrographic and meteorological conditions” in the area.

While the Germans did explore Antarctica, there is no evidence to suggest that they had a presence in the frozen tundra. Popular Mechanics looked into the conjectures and debunked the entire theory.

Setting the Scene for Season 2

By setting the very last scene of Project Blue Book in that location, Jablonski said they were tapping into the mythology that exists surrounding the continent. Think of it as a point of origin in which to start Season 2 of the series. In his words:

"“We want to get people excited that we’ve expanded the mythology and get them curious as to what that allows us to do in terms of peeling back the layers of the larger cover-up going on next season. “"

He was also quick to note that the Man in Black was not “turning on a large-antennae with the Artifact and calling the aliens.” Apparently, there will be a “real world explanation” for it.

Project Blue Book – The Rabbit Hole 1.1- Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel – History Channel

In addition to exploring that plot point, the writers will also be looking at the administration change. General Harding talked about it a little bit in the episode when he mentioned the fact that Eisenhower would be assuming the role of Commander-in-Chief.

The CIA will enter into the picture and in fact, will basically take over for Generals Harding and Valentine. You know right away there is going to be a conflict because Harding will not want to relinquish control.

Groom Lake or Area 51 is probably going to come into play because the CIA will be telling Quinn and Harding that a lot of what Americans are seeing in the skies are not alien spacecraft but “experimental aircraft” tests. Jablonski even hints that Roswell and the Maury Island incident will be two of the potential case files to be explored in the upcoming season.

What happened near Maury Island in 1947 was terrifying to say the least. Two harbor patrolmen were on their boat when they were surrounded by 6 UFOs. Apparently, one of the crafts started ejecting a “white metal” substance onto the vessel which resulted in a man breaking his arm and a dog being killed.

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It sounds as if Sean Jablonski and his writers have another outstanding season planned for viewers. Until then, you can binge all 10 episodes of Project Blue Book on the History Channel’s website.

Are you looking forward to Season 2 of Project Blue Book? What cases do you want them to explore? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.