Re-imagining 5 classic movie scenes with Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell 2 – Re-imagining Scenes – Courtesy of Getty Images

Bruce Campbell is a very versatile character actor so it isn’t hard to imagine him playing different types of roles. Just for fun, we re-imagined 5 classic movie scenes with him.

Bruce Campbell has been an actor for four decades. In that span of time, he has played a wide variety of roles. He moves effortlessly from genre to genre.

Which isn’t an easy feat for some performers to do since many get pigeonholed. Especially if they have found success portraying a particular character.

Many of his fans feel that “You can never get enough Bruce” or “Bruce makes everything better.” So, operating under those guidelines, we decided to reimagine 5 classic movie scenes with the actor for fun. Remember to keep an open mind and enjoy the ride.

The List

A Few Good Men – “You can’t handle the truth!”

This iconic scene from the Aaron Sorkin penned drama based on his play, A Few Good Men was nothing short of spellbinding. Jack Nicholson is the master of going from 0 to angry in 60 seconds. Sure, in his later years he was accused of chewing scenery but Colonel Nathan Jessup is larger than life and a commanding presence.

Yes, it is hard to step into a role made famous by an acting legend. However, for the purposes of this article, let’s just pretend that we were casting this movie today. Bruce is at the right age where he would be a natural fit for Jessup.

He has the gravitas to pull it off. Just take a look at his recent performance as Gary Green in Lodge 49. His character wasn’t seen until the end of episode 7 and yet he was talked about since the beginning of the series. You need a special kind of thespian to make a “grand entrance.”

Nathan Jessup is a character that actors dream about, the stuff that makes careers. When you watch this scene, you will see why we think Campbell could pull it off successfully and believably.