Dexter: See-Through or Dexter the Bay Harbor Butcher man


In season 2’s “See-Through,” Dexter tones down the violence to make room for suspense. Are they close to catching Dex, the Bay Harbor Butcher?

In season 1 of Dexter, it seemed the vigilante-style killer had it pretty well-figured out. Sure, life threw curve balls his way, but Dexter (Michael C. Hall) tended to address them like a pro. However, ever since he had to kill his own brother, Brian — AKA the Ice Truck Killer (Christian Camargo) — , Dexter has had an off-season.

In fact, his brash cockiness seems to constantly be put to the test, and the confident killer now seems to think he’s on his way to the gas chamber. Fortunately for Dexter’s inner maniac, he’s had a bit of luck, thanks to his being a forensics blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro. He has inside info that helps him hinder any investigations into his crimes. He’s also otherwise crafty.

When his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) found his occasional absences suspicious, Dex used the fictitious excuse that he has a drug addiction. It was a great cover!

It makes him more sympathetic for his absences, plus it gets him away from a domestic life he’s uncomfortable with. It’s also killed two birds with one stone, as Sergeant James Doakes (Erik King) is less suspicious of Dex, the addict.

Doakes had previously (and correctly) linked Dexter with the Ice Truck Killer on a hunch. He initially followed Dexter quite often, to intimidate him and also to look for loose pieces of evidence. Now, however, he also feels some degree of sympathy. Way to fool ’em, Dex!

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The Butcher Bodies

Although Doakes has relented, a new threat has emerged: Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine), a sort of superstar FBI guy. Lundy is in Miami to lead the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation. In fact, he has the bodies stored in a frozen forensics lab, giving a level of scrutiny that makes Dexter nervous.

On top of that, forensics specialist Vince Masuka (C . S. Lee) is apparently on to something regarding the Butcher’s bodies and algae. Can they track down Dexter’s marina (and boat) based on this technique?

Dexter’s not waiting for an answer. He sabotages the lab’s freezer system, making it look like a clumsy garbage truck damaged the refrigeration system. Unfortunately, Dex later learns the bodies themselves didn’t contain algae, but the rocks he used to weigh them down in the water! Oops! Their research continues.

Other Character’s Big Moments

Lots of stuff happens in this episode. Lt. Esme Pascal (Judith Scott) loses her job for devoting office resources to investigate her husband’s affair. It turns out he was cheating on her with María LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez)! If that’s not enough, María gets her old job back after Pascal gets fired!

Also, Dexter’s sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is attempting to get on the rebound, both mentally and relationship-wise, after being traumatized by her fiancé, the Ice Truck Killer. Previously the trauma led her to pull a gun out on a kid, but apparently that was simply swept under the rug.

Also of note: Doakes has a showdown with Curtis Barnes (John Marshall Jones), a special forces guy who murdered his wife. It’s an episode-long story line that gets resolved without much ado, but it does showcase Doakes’ skills as an officer and as a marksman (further establishing him as someone who could keep Dexter on his toes!).

There’s also a memorable sequence where Dex’s stepdad, Harry (James Remar), encourages him to lie to his school therapist to hide his “dark impulses” (a young Dex was also shown ambushing Harry to take him down, in training mode but ostensibly for real-life application later on).

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Lila and Rita

In the last episode, Dexter’s girlfriend Rita  was suspicious of his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, Lila (Jaime Murray). It turns out she was on to something. In “See-Through” she’s revealed to steal other people’s property, to utilize in her “found artwork.” Sensing a creepiness in her, and in her artwork, Dexter decides to show Lila real darkness. He takes her to the Bay Harbor Butcher bodies. Rather than being terrified, Lila suggests the killer is a normal person. It’s apparent that Dex likes her.

On top of that, Rita’s mother senses that Dexter’s hiding something (JoBeth Williams), as if she has Doakes’ sensibilities. If that’s not enough, Rita’s kid, Cody (Preston Bailey) has been having nightmares about the Bay Harbor Butcher, while Rita has said unkind words about the killer.

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While Dex allays Cody’s fears and the kid starts pretending to be “The Butcher Man” (one of the funnest moments of the series thus far), Rita may be driving Dexter away.

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