Child’s Play: Mark Hamill reveals full look at new Chucky


Child’s Play is getting closer to its debut. Meanwhile, the studio releases more and more details. This time, we finally get to meet the new Chucky.

Child’s Play – Meet the New Guy

Child’s Play  is a remake that has been surrounded by controversy even before production began, but that didn’t stop the crew from making a modern version of this slasher classic. Directed by Lars Klevberg, the new Child’s Play made some major changes to the story to make it more modern, including giving the new Chucky a bunch of technological enhancements.

Still, these new features won’t stop the doll from going full on evil and looking for revenge all over the city. Back in September, the first look at the new Chucky was revealed, showing only half his face, and the first trailer didn’t show his face at all, which left fans waiting for another trailer or TV spot to show a bit more of Chucky. Lucky us, Mark Hamill has our backs.

Via his official Twitter account, the actor shared the first full look at Chucky, and he doesn’t seem as innocent as he did on that first image. Although a bit hidden in the shadows, we can see much more of his face and outfit (pretty much the same as the original only with the name “Buddi”). Although he’s holding a knife, his face is not exactly showing his evil side, even if the shadows are doing the trick to make him look like it.

A few weeks ago, during Orion’s panel at WonderCon, the Child’s Play crew revealed that Mark Hamill will voice Chucky, but haven’t shared any material yet. While it could be possible that the studio chooses the “secretive” path and keeps the voice reveal until the release of the movie, with two months to go, they’re more likely to make the reveal soon, even if just for the hype. Hey Mark, anything you want to share with the class?

Child’s Play will follow the basic story of the original movie, only Andy is not a child this time, but more like a pre-teen. Still, there are a few things that need answering, like why is he getting a doll for his birthday, and what are Chucky’s motivations now that there’s no black magic involved. And, of course, exactly how insane is Mark Hamill going to sound? Maybe that’s the most important question here.

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Child’s Play, starring Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry, will be released on June 21.

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