Swamp Thing: What does the episode reduction mean for its future?


Warner Bros. Television has officially cut the episode order for the upcoming Swamp Thing series from 13 to 10. What does that mean for its future?

Swamp Thing is a highly anticipated new superhero horror drama executive produced by genre heavyweight, James Wan. It’s due to hit the DC Universe streaming app this summer.

Set to follow Crystal Reed’s character, Abby Arcane, a CDC doctor who returns home to Louisiana in order to investigate a fatal swamp-borne virus, Swamp Thing is among one of many new superhero series slated for release in the next year exclusive to DC Universe.

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Therefore it comes as a shock that Warner Bros. Television would suddenly decide to cut down the 13-episode order for season one down to 10 episodes, especially as the show is currently in production. The Hollywood Reporter claims this change stems from “creative differences” between the show’s creators and the streaming platform.

What could this mean for the future of Swamp Thing? Since its inception, it has been, perhaps, one of the most talked about shows out of all DC Universe originals. The attachment of James Wan in particular has made the series a must-see.

Outside of Swamp Thing, DC Universe only has two other original series currently going. Titans, which debuted to less-than-warm critical reception, has gotten a second season renewal. Doom Patrol, which has been considerably better received, is still in the middle of airing its first season.

While the reduction in episode order is not an automatic death sentence for the series, it also doesn’t bode well for its future. The main issue may be that Warner Bros. is simply no longer as invested in the success of DC Universe as it once was. It’s no secret the streaming app has struggled to get off the ground with its initial release being plagued with technical issues that hurt its reputation.

Now that WarnerMedia is in the works, it is evident that Warner Bros. would rather focus their money and energy on getting their own massive streaming service going, especially in light of Disney+ and Apple TV’s latest promotion.

With the streaming wars really beginning to kick off, it’s an exciting, yet frightening, time to be a television fan. There is tons of new content coming our way – but is it too much? Swamp Thing may just be the first in what will likely be a frequent amount of creative alterations and premature cancellations as these corporations try to find footing in an already clogged viewing arena.

I could see WarnerMedia absorbing DC Universe and making it a supplemental add-on for an up-charge on the new streaming site.

It remains to be seen if this episode reduction may spell trouble for other DC Universe properties.

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For now, Swamp Thing is still set to make its debut on DC Universe May 31st and the teaser looks pretty awesome, to say the least. So let’s hope this episode reduction and the alteration of the season ending doesn’t lessen the show’s impact.

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