Child’s Play trailer: Goodnight, Andy! Chucky’s new voice finally revealed


Child’s Play released their brand new trailer giving us a taste of Mark Hamill’s magic as the new voice of Chucky.

Child’s Play – Say Hello to our Little Friend

Child’s Play trailer gives us our first glimpse at Mark Hamill’s Chucky.

World, meet Chucky. Chucky, meet the world. Every horror fan can remember where they were when they first watched director Tom Holland’s Child’s Play, and depending on how young they were when they went through that experience, they will tell you how much it traumatized them (it could even be considered a rite of passage, don’t you think?). But kids these days have grown up with a new wave of horror movies, and not all of them are familiar with the fear of your favorite toy doll coming to (evil) life. Well, not for long.

The remake of Child’s Play, with Lars Klevberg in charge of directing, will introduce Chucky to a new generation and (hopefully) bring some new nightmares to long-time fans of the franchise. The first trailer gave us a very basic idea of the story (which is the same as the original one but with some modern details), but the newest one gives a brief look at the evil origin of the killer doll, and even better: it features the reveal of Chucky’s new voice.

Two weeks ago, during Orion Pictures’ panel at WonderCon, Mark Hamill was announced as the voice of the new Chucky, quickly catching the attention of those who were skeptical about the movie. Two days ago, Hamill himself shared a new poster with the first full look at the evil doll, in preparation for today’s big reveal.

Now, let’s talk about that trailer.

Aside from what we already saw in the first trailer, here we get a glimpse at how the madness begins to develop, with Andy waking up in the middle of the night and finding Chucky standing there, watching him (hey, did he just move a little?). The new doll comes with a long list of technological enhancements, including controlling all other Kaslan products. This is a very important detail, as Chucky is not only relying on a knife anymore to kill and create chaos.

One of the most important reveals in this new trailer is that of the origin of the doll’s evil nature. It has been previously reported that the doll was programmed to be evil by a Chinese factory worker that later killed himself. Close enough. In the trailer, we see a man taking out what looks to be a chip, while we listen to Mr. Kaslan in the background reminding us that this doll can control all products made by the company. This man can be seen seconds later in a very dangerous situation. Chucky is clearly not happy with whatever this man did to his code.

We also get a quick look at Andy and his friends (look! he did make new friends after all!) ready to fight Chucky. Anyone else here getting some “Losers Club” vibes ? Finally, we hear Hamill’s voice saying “Goodnight Andy”. Not enough? Probably. Still creepy? Absolutely.

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This might be the most we will get in terms of seeing Chucky in full slasher mode and hearing his voice, but it’s definitely better than nothing. Plus, it adds to the hype. Child’s Play, directed by Lars Klevberg and starring Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry, will be released on June 21.

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