Oddity Files goes hunting for spirits on Amazon Prime


Oddity Files is not only a podcast but it is a series that you can stream on Amazon Prime! The award-winning show is already in its second season. If you are into paranormal investigations this production should be on your must-see list.

Oddity Files is a terrific podcast that covers all sorts of fringe subjects such as Bigfoot, UFO’s and paranormal encounters. They have also had celebrities like Bruce Campbell, Norman Reedus, Jason David Frank and Paige from WWE appear as guests recounting their brushes with the weird and odd.

Did you know that they also have an award-winning show on Amazon Prime? Hosts Kitsie Duncan, Clayton Abbott and Carter Jostes investigate supernatural hotspots to learn about the various entities that may haunt the location.

You never know what will happen and that is the fun of the series. At Heroic Age Art Studios, they determined that an antique fireplace was the actual source of the haunting.

While in Cripple Creek, Colorado investigating a historical landmark, the Outlaws and Lawmen Jail Museum, the trio of investigators were in the morgue or “cold storage” when they made contact with a spirit.

Oddity Files – Amazon Prime – Courtesy of Kitsie Duncan

At first, they picked up an EVP on their voice recorder which sounded like a person snorting but the real jump scare occurred when Clinton invited the spirits to reach out and touch any one of them. Be careful what you wish for because he got pinched in the back!

The gang even went out of the country to Sydney, Australia to the famous Paramatta Gaol to film a two part episode. Kitsie and company heard quite a few sounds and she claimed that she actually heard people tell her their names in her head!

Trust me, you will get immediately hooked on this series. Not only because of the investigations but because of the chemistry and camaraderie between Kitsie, Clayton and Carter.

If you like what you see and have Amazon Prime, you can watch both seasons for free. If you haven’t joined the service yet, you can purchase Season 2 for $4.99. Some of their videos are also available on their YouTube channel so like and subscribe! To give you an idea of what to expect, check out their venture at the Paracafe 101 in Winchester, Indiana.

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On Sept. 28, Oddity Files will be one of the guests at Hunt the Town in Crownpoint, Indiana which is an enjoyable gathering of all things paranormal. They will also be doing a live broadcast! Follow @HunttheTown for future announcements. Tickets go on sale April 26!

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