Bruce Campbell: Cryptic tweet could yield 3 possibilities for Ash Williams

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Bruce Campbell-3 possibilities for Ash Williams – Courtesy of Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell issued a cryptic tweet simply stating, “September,” accompanied by an image of him as a bloodied Ash. Just for fun, we decided to take a “stab” at what he could be eluding to. So, here are our top 3 possibilities for a future incarnation of his iconic character, Ash Williams.

Bruce Campbell is well-known for having fun with his fanbase. Occasionally, he will take to social media and drop hints at upcoming projects. For example, when he was going to appear in Lodge 49, his way of announcing it was with a retweet of the Hollywood Reporter article on the show with the heading:

“New TV show coming. You should watch it. Why? You’ll see.”

Then more recently, before his official confirmation as the new host of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! reboot, he retweeted this:

“Believe it!”

Today, the actor issued another one of his cryptic tweets with a photo of himself as a bloodied Ash with just the word, “September.” Of course, this got his fans taking to social media to give their theories about what all of it could mean.

Actually, it is a brilliant strategy to employ because the more attention you can draw to an upcoming project, the better.

However, what exactly does Campbell want to draw attention to? We know that he isn’t going to pick up the chainsaw for Season 4 on another network. That’s out. Then what else could he be up to? It isn’t a still from his upcoming gig on Netflix’s The Last Kids on Earth, that’s for sure. Obviously, the portrait is not Mortal Kombat style either.

So, we decided to have some fun and join in on the guessing game. Here are our top 3 possibilities for future Ash Williams projects.