Bruce Campbell: Cryptic tweet could yield 3 possibilities for Ash Williams

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Bruce Campbell – Ash meets Bubba Ho-Tep – Courtesy of Diego Galindo (Dynamite Entertainment)

2. Comic Book Series

To me, this possibility might be the closest approximation of a return to Ash vs Evil Dead as a series. Comic books have longevity. Plus, the stories are shorter like episodes of a television show. So, in effect, this option would be like having Season 4 in book form.

Each issue would be a new episode. New characters could be introduced along with new situations. The possibilities are endless. Also, this type of medium could keep the spirit of “splatstick” intact. Humor would remain an integral part of the Evil Dead universe.

Of course, the big plus would be the fact that Bruce Campbell could appear as Ash for years to come. No more location shoots, blood cannons and otherwise challenging situations for the actor. Who knows? If the comics are successful maybe an animated version of Ash vs Evil Dead could happen down the road. But for now, this can’t be ruled out as another possibility for Ash Williams to continue the franchise.

Fans wouldn’t have to worry about network cancellation or ratings. Plus, there are no subscriptions to streaming services, app purchases or even paying for cable on a monthly basis to deal with.