Bruce Campbell: Sometimes a tweet is just a tweet


Bruce Campbell is a master showman and a terrific marketer. His cryptic tweet from over the weekend spread like wildfire all over the internet and spawned questions at Texas Frightmare. However, sometimes a tweet is just a tweet.

Bruce Campbell really knows how to market himself. This is a given as proven by the impact his cryptic tweet simply stating September had all over the internet. While we here at 1428 Elm played along because it’s fun to guess, in the end, we did acquire some valuable information.

We know what his tweet DIDN’T mean. He isn’t going to be Ash in Mortal Kombat 11’s DLC. If he says that it isn’t happening, why question it? After all, he would know, right?

Apparently, the actor who played Shang Tsung, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa denied that he was going to be in the game too and then he showed up voicing his character. It was later verified to be true by Polygon.

If you look at the picture that Bruce tweeted out, it is clearly not in the style of MK11. Now, I have read the Reddit thread concerning this topic. There is no need to reiterate what has already been reported.

However, it is interesting that the moderator of the Reddit group felt that we should be receiving some kind of Evil Dead news based on Sam Raimi’s reaction to a fan stating that “it was a shame STARZ wouldn’t make a fourth season of Ash vs Evil Dead.”

Raimi apparently emphasized that STARZ wouldn’t make a fourth season and that is the same answer that Rob Tapert gave a year ago at Motor City Comic Con when that same question came up. From our article, Rob Tapert Is a Little Sad about Ash vs Evil Dead’s Fate, this is why you won’t see the series turning up on Shudder or Netflix anytime soon.

After selling the rights to the first two seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead to Netflix, Tapert had this to say:

"“STARZ won’t let a competitor have something which I kind of understand and it’s unfortunate.”"

Also, remember, Bruce mentioned that he was “releasing another measly book for the price of $15.00.” Now, that is something worth talking about because his Hail to the Chin 2 is due to be released in paperback form.

The actor had mentioned that this would be happening and the possibility of a mini-tour of places he hadn’t been when we last interviewed him. According to Barnes & Noble, the paperback version of his bestseller is due to be released on September 17 but it won’t be hitting retailers’ shelves until after that date.

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“Discuss amongst yourselves…”

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