Fan theory: Pennywise and BOB from Twin Peaks are the same person


Yesterday, the trailer for IT: Chapter 2 dropped so we decided to explore another controversial fan theory. Pennywise a.k.a. Bob Gray is the same entity as BOB in Twin Peaks. Crazy or plausible?

Pennywise will be returning to the silver screen when IT: Chapter 2 is released on Sept. 6. Yesterday, the highly anticipated trailer dropped to the delight of Stephen King fans everywhere.

While exploring Grunge’s site, I saw an article on a controversial fan theory that tied the worlds of IT and Twin Peaks together. Yes, Stephen King and David Lynch intersect. If you believe in what is being proposed.

The notion that some enterprising individuals came up with is that Pennywise (a.k.a. Bob Gray) and Evil BOB are actually the same being. Movie Pilot also delves into the topic and presents evidence that would lead people to think, is this really possible?

The Bobs

Let’s start with the obvious point. Both entities are named Bob. Now, they are known as Bob within the earthly dimension. However, they are probably known by other names as well depending upon where they manifest.

It makes perfect sense. Bob is an easily relatable name and a non-threatening one. Would you suspect someone with that name to be pure evil?

No! In fact, choosing a common moniker would allow a demon to hide in plain sight. The idea that a malevolent being would deliberately choose an innocuous “title” is extremely sinister. Unwittingly, people would trust you because you seem harmless.

Once they are lured in, that would be when Pennywise and BOB would reveal their true identities which would be horrifying.  By then, it would be too late for victims to escape.


Another similarity between the two Bobs is the fact that they can move in and out of dimensions. For Twin Peaks fans, BOB exists in real time and in the world of the Black Lodge. The Lodge is an approximation of “limbo” or a waiting station. People end up there when they die like in the case of Laura Palmer.

Pennywise belongs to the Macroverse. Those followers who have read all of the works of Stephen King know that especially in The Dark Tower series of books, he discusses how beings in that realm can travel through different dimensions. Like Doctor Who has a TARDIS, King’s characters delve into the Todash or they have certain objects that allow them to maneuver through space and time.

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This would explain why Pennywise is an eternal being that is able to haunt the residents of Derry, Maine for centuries. For those that watched Twin Peaks: The Return, they know that BOB existed in the time of the inception of the Atomic Bomb.

However, he existed prior to that as well rendering him ageless and timeless like Pennywise. This ability makes the pair extremely frightening.

Things Are Not What They Seem

Both Pennywise and BOB are shapeshifters. Bob Gray when he was human chose to take on the clown appearance to lure children to their deaths. We all know that his alter-ego is a spider creature.

BOB on the other hand, can appear as an owl. He also has the ability to possess individuals. He did this to Agent Cooper, Windom Earle and Leland Palmer when he used their bodies as hosts.

Another scary fact is that BOB actually appeared to Sarah Palmer in a dream. So, that is yet another realm that he can enter.

Based on the trailer of IT: Chapter 2, we might explore Bob Gray’s life as a mortal and maybe get some understanding of how he became Pennywise. Perhaps, that transition will be explained.

Fear Tastes Good

Much like demons, Pennywise and BOB feed off their victims’ fear. It is like the ultimate aphrodisiac for them. Pennywise gets stronger by preying on children. BOB also loves to scare his intended targets. Think back to when Laura saw him in her room.

He delighted in chasing her. BOB and Pennywise also have special locations where their powers are at their peaks. For Pennywise, obviously it is the sewer system of Derry. BOB prefers to go into the other dimension of the Black Lodge.

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While these fan theories may sound a little off center at first, sometimes they actually make sense once you start doing a deep dive on them. In the end, BOB and Pennywise may be two separate entities but you have to admit they could crossover…

What do you think about BOB and Pennywise being the same beings? Do you think there is room for Twin Peaks in Stephen King’s universe? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.