Evil Dead: The truth behind that persistent 40-year-old rumor


Evil Dead is a film that has become legendary not only onscreen but offscreen as well. Many rumors surrounded the production but there is one persistent tale that keeps resurfacing. What is the truth?

Evil Dead is an iconic horror film. There is no doubt about that. As with every legend, there are myths attached and this production is no exception to that rule.

The film turns 40 this year and there has been lively discussions on the internet surrounding whether or not the franchise will continue. Plus, with Bruce Campbell being in the news lately and Sam Raimi doing the con circuit, it is quite clear that fans have an insatiable desire for all things Evil Dead related.

On the Reddit Today I Learned board, a thread was started concerning a persistent rumor that has surrounded the production for decades. For whatever reason, it is perceived to be true and that might be because of its origin.

According to lore, at the end of the film when the Dark Ones are barreling toward Ash to kill him, Sam Raimi was actually riding a motorcycle and filming the actor one handed. When Campbell screams at the end of the film, it isn’t acting because his friend actually ploughs into him on the bike knocking him down.

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Apparently, this was serious because a few inches in either direction and Bruce’s skull could have been crushed. Now, this seems like it could have happened. Why? Well, there were genuine mishaps like Bruce severely twisting his ankle and tumbling down a steep hill. The proof of that injury can be seen onscreen because he is visibly limping in some scenes.

We have all heard Bruce tell the shotgun story about actually blowing out the cabin window with his boomstick. So, yeah, the entire episode might have a ring of truth to it.

Then there is another version of this same tale. This recounting was reported by Uproxx. When Sam knocks into Bruce, the camera goes flying into his face breaking his jaw.

In actuality, the director and his lead actor are responsible for crafting this piece of cinematic history. Tom Sullivan, the talented man behind the make-up effects on the film set the record straight when he talked with Tested.

"“Raimi told us to lie about how the scene was shot. He wanted us to tell a story that we created the Shaki-Cam footage with a motorcycle, Sam was on the handlebars, that we smashed through the doors, ran into Bruce and broke his arm, a leg, and one of his ribs! That was Sam. Even on the set he was trying to help build the myth of the making of the film.”"

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Kudos to Raimi and Campbell for fanning the flames on this one so much so that it actually became part of the mythos of the Evil Dead production. As the old showbiz adage states, there is no such thing as bad publicity!

Have you heard any other rumors surrounding Evil Dead? Did you believe this was true? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.