Fox has cancelled The Passage: Can it be saved?


Unfortunately for fans of FOX’s ambitious medical thriller, The Passage, the network has opted not to renew the series. But could another network save it?

It’s always a shame when a television show gets cancelled before it gets the chance to find its footing. The Passage may have had some pacing issues in its first season but there was clearly more story to be told.

The series was based on a popular trilogy written by Justin Cronin. According to an interview Liz Heledens, one of the show’s executive producers, gave to TVLine after the season one finale, there were plans for the universe to expand to include the Colony. Season two was supposed to begin 97 years in the future.

Now TVLine reports that FOX has, sadly, cancelled The Passage. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who starred as Brad on the show, posted a touching goodbye on Instagram. He’s pictured with Saniyya Sidney, who played Amy.

Amy and Brad’s relationship was the beating heart of The Passage. As if to pour salt on the wound, the two aren’t even together by the end of season one. Season two would have focused on the duo finding their way back to each other and now we may never get to see that happen.

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But, could there still be hope for the series to find new life on a different network or streaming platform? Maybe. In this day and age, many shows get rescued from the scrap heap.

Last year, two of FOX’s cancelled series, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Lucifer, were both saved by NBC and Netflix, respectively. So there is a precedent for this to happen again.

The Passage would be an excellent fit for both Netflix or Hulu. Currently the first season is available to stream on Hulu so it would make the most sense for it to be picked up by them. But The Passage would pair nicely with Lucifer if Netflix decides to add to its FOX series roster.

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If you want the show to be saved then now is the time to be loud on social media! Fans have gotten the hashtag #SaveThePassage trending so make sure you contribute. Let the television executives know how much the show means to you.

It has been proven they pay attention to fan backlash and social media outcry. Make yourself heard and perhaps we could manage to get a season two after all!

You can currently catch up on the first season of The Passage on Hulu.

Were you a fan of The Passage? Let us know what you think about the cancellation in the comments.