Femme fatales: The five most underrated female horror villains

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Ronny Yu;s Bride of Chucky — Courtesy of Dimension Films

3) Tiffany Valentine- Child’s Play movies

In the famous Child’s Play franchise (including the reboot being released in a few weeks) Chucky gets most of the credit. But Chucky’s lover Tiffany, (who we first meet in Bride of Chucky) deserves more mainstream praise as one sick, sarcastic killer.

Her villainess traits and taste for blood shine through as Charles Lee Ray’s devoted fan/girlfriend. But once she becomes a doll, she joins her man on his killing spree, throwing knives and jokes right alongside him. In some cases, even better than him.

In Seed of Chucky, she returns juggling murder with motherhood. Teetering between Tiffany, and in a meta turn, also playing Jennifer Tilly. Tiffany Valentine pops up again in 2017’s Cult of Chucky to wreak havoc alongside her true love. Though given less screen time, her brutality and black humor once again steal the show.

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4) Rose Armitage – Get Out

In Jordan Peele’s first horror film, Rose is a bone chilling badass. She lures African American boyfriends, including her newest, Chris, to her parent’s house in order to steal their bodies and souls. Rose’s mom Missy is also worthy of making the list of female horror villains without enough praise.

She calmly uses hypnosis on Chris in order to subdue and use him. While her actions are evil, it’s Rose’s manipulation and deceit that feels the most predatory. Rose’s the perfect example of how female horror villains don’t have to use violence to be truly sadistic.

EAST HAMPTON, NY – OCTOBER 08: Actor Daniel Kaluuya, Actress Allison Williams and Director Jordan Peele attend a red carpet for “Anatomy of a Scene: Get Out” during Hamptons International Film Festival 2017 – Day Four on October 8, 2017 in East Hampton, New York. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Hamptons International Film Festival)

5) Rhoda – The Bad Seed

Eight year old Rhoda from 1956’s The Bad Seed has a secret. In pigtails, and Mary-Janes, she looks innocent, but she’s actually a sociopath. Highly competitive, jealous, and devoid of emotion, even towards her loving mother.

Off all the female horror villains Rhoda is one of the most frightening in film history for one simple reason. Her surprising brutality and lack of conscience is hidden within the innocence of childhood.

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