Dana DeLorenzo interview: Perpetually graceful and gloriously candid

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Dana DeLorenzo – Gloriously Candid – Courtesy of Jeremy Fraser.LA Exposures-Getty Images North America)

Dana DeLorenzo will be gracing the small screen once again in a recurring role in EPIX’s Perpetual Grace, LTD. We sat down with the actress to talk about her new gig, the aftermath of Ash vs Evil Dead and what the future holds.

Dana DeLorenzo departed the role of Kelly Maxwell on Ash vs Evil Dead last year but she hasn’t strayed far from her fans’ hearts. From various guest spots on shows like Will and Grace to Rel, she has proven that she can move easily from genre to genre without missing a beat.

We were fortunate enough to capture the very busy actress for a few questions ahead of her debut on EPIX in Perpetual Grace, LTD which airs this Sunday at 10 p.m. on the network.

Time to catch up with Dana.

The Interview

Dana DeLorenzo- Double Indemnity in the Desert – Courtesy of Dana DeLorenzo

Double Indemnity in the Desert

1428 Elm: As always, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Let’s talk Perpetual Grace, LTD. This is a very noir show. You have Sir Ben Kingsley playing Pastor Byron “Pa” Brown and the phenomenal Jacki Weaver is his wife, Lillian “Ma.” They are running a major con game on their followers.

Meanwhile, the wonderful character actor Jimmi Simpson is trying to run a scam of his own. Your director and writer, Steven Conrad likened your show to Double Indemnity while Kingsley thinks of it more as Macbeth. There is also a bit of a Breaking Bad vibe as well. How would you describe the show and what can your fans expect when they tune in?

Dana DeLorenzo: In terms of expectations, expect the unexpected. This is how I’m describing Perpetual Grace, LTD.: It is a Hitchcock-inspired dark comedy thriller, with heart. It’s the kind of show that hooks you after one episode. You immediately invest in these characters and the story and every episode leaves you wanting more. Steven Conrad and Bruce Terris have created a new kind of show. It’s a real work of art.

I think Ash Vs Evil Dead fans will really dig this show, actually. It’s good vs. evil, in a way. And, there’s blood! There’s murder. There’s funny absurdity, suspense and terror. And yet, there’s a real love on display. There’s all the things, really.

I’m so very lucky to be a part of this production. I mean that. I have a recurring role, Valerie, and she pops up throughout the season; a deliberately slow burn.  All of the characters are elaborated on at some point and it’s cool because you start to see how it’s all connected. Around the halfway point, more of Valerie’s character is revealed, and you see how she fits into this whole con job.

1428 Elm: What attracted you to the role?

DD: First of all, I’m a huge Steven Conrad fan. He is a genius; I’d jump at a chance to play a spatula or something in any script he writes. I love the rhythm of his writing. He takes his time and is not afraid of long beats, which was a good change of pace for me.

I binge-read the first five scripts in one sitting. I loved the premise of this show, exploring the duality of people. Our struggles with wanting to do the right thing but getting in our own way and screwing up. These were the best scripts I’ve ever read.

Another thing that appealed to me is these characters can’t hide their pain, and there is something very relatable in that. Every character on the show is a survivor of some trauma and harboring guilt. They are lost and trying to find a tether.

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They’re flawed human beings in such a real way but explored in a new way.  And sometimes you think they have these Machiavellian tendencies but then next episode you think they are inherently good.  So, it’s a real contradiction. And it is thrilling to watch.

1428 Elm: The cast is chock full of extremely talented actors. I imagine that was also a selling point.

DD:  This cast is the most extraordinary group of actors I have ever met in my life. I’d stay on set or go on my days off just to watch them. They are that brilliant. Beyond that, they are truly the most genuine, thoughtful and kind human beings.

They were such giving actors who cared about their fellow actors in the scene. To have that kind of camaraderie on set and that level of talent is extremely rare in this business, I think.