Bruce Campbell interview: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Infotainment with soul

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Bruce Campbell – All Ash, All the Time – Courtesy of Bruce Campbell

All Ash, All the Time

1428 Elm: Let’s visit your past for a little bit. Ash is in the rearview for you. You won’t be face down in dank basements anymore covered in blood. However, you are still going to be voicing him for certain projects.

BC: Well, the big Evil Dead game is coming. The official game where it will be all Ash, all the time. I’ll be voicing that and I’ll be heavily involved in it. We’re teasing it right now. Everything you’re seeing now is a prep for reintroducing him into the gaming world.

We tried him out in Dead by Daylight, there’s rumors about Mortal Kombat 11, they tease the chainsaw sound at the end, the truth is that Ash could very well pop up there. And that is as positive as I can get in this conversation.

1428 Elm: We understand, you probably can’t talk about it.

BC: He could very well pop up. But so, we understand like Dead by Daylight, it’s a cameo. It’s like an episode of The Love Boat where some guy will show up, do his thing and move on. It’s like that. Ash is a fun character to pull off and dink around with a little bit.

But we’re not letting any game get the real Ash until the real game comes out. So even if he shows up in Mortal Kombat 11 it will be a very limited role which is kind of a “winky-wink,” and whet people’s appetite hopefully for the real game.

1428 Elm: Well, you know the fans have wanted you in Mortal Kombat forever.

BC: They might be able to get it. We’ll see how good they are.

1428 Elm: You keep mentioning this game. I know there’s not much you can say. Could you possibly give us a general overview and when we can expect it?

BC: 6 months or so. They’ll make an announcement. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything because I don’t know because they don’t know. It will happen, believe me. The big dog and pony show will come.

The circus will start eventually. Here’s the truth of it. The game has been delayed but I know the reason why games get delayed. In some cases, it’s because its trickier than they thought or they want to do better, if they see something, they think they can improve.

These games are amazing these days. It’s a very high bar.  It’s very high standards. I think these guys want to do it right so more power to them. I’m waiting like everyone else but it IS happening.

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I will voice Ash and I will continue to voice him. If they do more, I’ll do more. Beyond that, Mortal Kombat, its all teasers. None of it is like I’m donating Ash to the game. They’ll be able to play him for a little bit. But no big deal. We’re saving the big deal.

The fans can all relax. There may be a little Ash in Mortal Kombat. I’ll confirm it when I can.

Look, I put that rumor to bed when I did that little graphic, I tweeted and that was truth at the time! The truth is a moving object in our world of entertainment. It was true there were absolutely no plans because I hadn’t heard s*** from anybody.

Then I started hearing rumors and there have been chit chats between various parties. So, I’m like ok. Maybe it will happen. But the reality is when I posted that tweet it was “I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

1428 Elm: Thanks for clarifying your “finishing move” because when you put that tweet out, we thought it was just you being you.

BC: No, no, no! People called me a liar and there was one tweet, “Bruce Campbell’s a liar.”

1428 Elm: You’re not a liar!

BC: No, I’m not but entertainment is a moving target, boys and girls. Get used to it. Never say never.