NOS4A2 rolls on as Charlie Manx closes in on the new creative


NOS4A2 rolls on as Charlie Manx tries to find the creative behind the Shorter Way Bridge. Vic just wants to live a normal life until The Wraith strikes too close to home.

Greetings and salutations, residents of Elm Street. You may have noticed I’m not usually the one who handles the recap of AMC’s adaptation of NOS4A2 so let’s get a few things out of the way before hopping into episode 3 shall we?

For one, if you like the show you owe it to yourself to read the book it’s based on. Some liberties the show takes for unknown reasons include our heroine Vic McQueen’s age at the beginning. In the book, we meet her when she’s around 11 years old. Not to mention her “key” to the Shorter Way bridge isn’t a dirt bike but a Raleigh Tuff Burner bicycle.

This changes the emotional tone for me. The novel takes us on a journey of a flawed individual that the show, at least so far, isn’t really delivering. So far, the story has been kind of slow going, but that may be changing if the preview for episode 4 is any indication. However before we can get there we have to ride through episode 3, so away we go.

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The episode begins with Charlie Manx visiting an old acquaintance who was a creative on his search for the creative behind the Shorter Way bridge. Meanwhile, trying to run from her problems at home Vic visits the Rhode Island Institute of Design and devises a way to go with or without her separated parents help. Things are looking up for her until The Wraith strikes a bit too close to home. NOS4A2 has inadvertently convinced Vic into doing something that Maggie Leigh couldn’t.

So far AMC has treated NOS4A2 with a little too much teen angst drama and not enough focus on the real story. The few glimpses we’ve seen of Christmas Land so far have been freaky but not all that frightening, but the big kidnapping that will surely be the catalyst for the adaptation is gut wrenching.

When first announced I thought Zachary Quinto was a weird choice for the sinister Charles Talent Manx, but he makes the show for me. The only problem is his so far limited screen time. Let’s hope he does more horror in the future to really show off his talent for villainy.

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