NOS4A2 episode 5 recap: The Wraith pays Maggie a visit


Episode 5 of NOS4A2 finally gave us a face-to-face meeting between Vic and Charlie Manx. Of course, it also gave us some more of Vic’s family drama, but it feels like the story is picking up at last, so that’s good news.

On the NOS4A2 family drama front, Vic goes out in Tiffany’s garage one sleepless night and creates a whole pile of Manx-inspired artwork. Having a creative outlet is good, but Tiffany is upset that Vic used the linoleum tiles she worked overtime to save up for, and Chris backs her up.

Frustrated that Bing is still a free man, Vic confronts him at school, and he gets all “if you were my REAL friend, you wouldn’t have tattled on me.” He then gives her a fancy invitation to meet with Manx, alone of course.

Vic calls Maggie, who offers to take her to the bus station for her meeting with Manx, and she has a plan. While Vic is conversing with Crazy Charlie, Maggie will check out the Wraith for evidence, maybe even take a picture of the license tag for the cops. Even though Manx insisted that Vic meet him alone, she nervously agrees to Maggie’s plan.

Despite her current situation, Vic is a teenager after all, and she convinces Maggie to take her to a party at Willa’s house. While Maggie intrigues Willa with her magic bag of Scrabble tiles (a fun scene), Vic gets drunk and kisses Drew, informing him that it’s her first kiss. Soon after, Vic and Maggie leave.

NOS4A2 – ep 5 – Courtesy AMC

I really like the relationship between these two girls, the show is always better during their scenes together. Maggie shares that when her powers started to manifest, her parents sent her to their pastor, believing that evil had taken her over.

The next day, the big meeting finally takes place, and Manx is his usual smug self, ugh. It is obvious from her shaky appearance that the Shorter Way Bridge is taking a toll on Maggie’s health, so Charlie tells her he has a cure for that.  All she has to do is come to Christmasland with him and be a mother to the children.

She doesn’t take the bait, instead telling him that she will burn his magical wonderland to the ground. While this little chit-chat has been going on, Maggie has found the Wraith and has seen its NOS4A2 license tag, and when she tries to open the car door, Manx perks up. As he heads out the door, the Wraith starts up on its own, and chases Maggie through the parking lot. Though she is not killed, Maggie is hit and rendered unconscious.

NOS4A2 – ep 5 – Courtesy AMC

Vic takes the opportunity to tell Detective Hutter that the Wraith did not have a driver when it hit Maggie, and that Charlie Manx has been using it to kidnap and harm children for years. The next thing we know, Vic is encouraged by her father to sign the paperwork for voluntary committal to the psych ward, conveniently at the same hospital Maggie is in. Surprisingly, she does so, and that’s where the episode ends.

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I am left with this observation: Blood coming out of your eye is NEVER a good thing, and this has happened to Vic more than once after traveling on her bridge. Why on earth would her mother or father not take her to the Emergency Room when this happens???

What do you think of this episode, readers? Are you happy that the story is finally starting to pick up the pace (and get scarier in the process)? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.