Expand your Ghost fandom to the washroom with Corpse Paint Soaps


It is said that if you have Ghost, you have everything, but if you have Ghost shaped Corpse Paint Soaps, you have everything and it’s clean.

If you are like me, you like a little bit of Ghost in every aspect of your life. You may listen to Ghost, you may wear Ghost but what about washing your hands with Ghost?

You may never have thought of that one but luckily, someone has. There is a company called Corpse Paint Soaps and they have you covered on that one.

A huge thank you to to Milla for sending these soaps all the way from South Korea. This company started off as a hobby for the Finnish designer and has turned into a full-fledged business.

And Ghost isn’t the only band getting the soap treatment. She designs molds and creates soaps based on several corpse painted faces. Let’s take a look at what she sent my way.

Photo by Between Two Forks

The first thing that I noticed about the soap was just how clean the lines were. The white is so white and the black is so black. The mold is so cleanly made, it was impressive. I love a good clean line and a clean line in soap is even more satisfying. These soaps are just PRETTY and they are made with the sassy and handsome visage of Papa Emeritus III (may he rest in unholy peace).

Photo by Between Two Forks

Corpse Paint Soap bars smell so clean. It’s almost pine forest-y. Now, I know that for a limited time she did make a more incense-like scented bar, but for the most part, these have a nice and pretty standard mildly masculine fragrance and it leaves your hands feeling squeaky clean.

Photo by Between Two Forks

When you use the bar, you get a gray colored lather which doesn’t leave residue or any color on your hands or sink. While the gray color is a little unsettling at first (were my hands THAT dirty??) you get used to it quickly. If you like bar soaps, in function, these are your basic bar soap but in appearance they are anything but basic.

While these are really good soaps and smell great and clean like a champ, I’m not sure I have the heart to use these for anything but looking amazing in my bathroom. The things that I love the most about the Corpse Paint Soaps are the designs.

Check out my unboxing below and then keep reading for more information, pricing and how to shop for yourself.

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The molds and designs are so clean and so well done, they just look phenomenal on a shelf. They are tiny pieces of art. You can shop Corpse Paint Soaps HERE and check out their other designs. I definitely recommend these as soap and as amazing washroom art pieces.

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