Ghost: 25 of the best songs for noobs

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Image courtesy of D.D. Crowley

For fans old and new, I have compiled the best 25 songs from all six (seven if you count “Ceremony & Devotion”) Ghost albums to bring you the best.

If you follow the music tab on the 1428 Elm page, you may notice that we love Ghost. This doom metal band out of Sweden is sweeping the world after their release of the new album Prequelle. Led by Tobias Forge and a still anonymous and very talented posse of Nameless Ghouls and Ghulehs, they play some of the best metal music under the guise of a dark church and its leader.

They recently finished their Rats on the Road Tour and before they start their A Pale Tour Named Death, here is a crash course of the 25 best Ghost songs to hear for any noobs to the band out there. “Twenty-five!” you may exclaim. You have no idea how difficult it was to even cut it down that much. This band doesn’t make a bad song.

So, for future fans of this amazing band, here is The Best of Ghost 101, in no particular order.

1. Body and Blood

This song was released on the second full album in 2013, Infestissumam, which focused on the Antichrist. The band was headed by Papa Emeritus II when the album was released and has some of the best and most memorable songs on it.