Album Review: Is Prequelle from Ghost worth buying?


After a long wait, Ghost finally released Prequelle and we let you know if the album lives up to the expectation and worth taking home.

Happy Friday everyone…or should I say happy Prequelle day! It’s finally here, the most highly anticipated metal album of the year. As soon as my eyes flew open, that album went on and my, my, my. Ghost has outdone themselves this time. I’ve been waiting for this album, practically holding my breath, and we finally got to hear it. While we’ve had sneak peeks in the past weeks, I didn’t know what to expect truly. Let’s go over each track.


Anyone who went to a show during the “Rats! On the Road” tour will recognize this from the beginning of the show. Nothing is creepier than children’s songs and this album’s theme circles on the Black Death and the Middle Ages. “Ring Around the Rosie” is fitting, given the back story also is based on the Plague. A really fun intro and sets the tone.


You have most likely already seen this one. This song was the first on released and the video introduced us to the music and dance styling of Cardinal Copia. This song is big and made for big places. Much like “Square Hammer”, this song is a great opener. It’s metal and pop fused together in a perfect marriage.


This is one of my favorites from the album and the live show. While I enjoy the live version better (I was spoiled because I heard it during the show first), the version on the album is just as wonderful. “Faith” has less of a pop sound and is harder than the upbeat songs like “Rats” or “Dance Macabre.” It’s the “Mummy Dust” of the album.

See the Light

I LOVE this one. Tobias Forge has an amazing voice. His talent is immense and this song really shows off his vocal chops. While the song picks up in the chorus, there are lovely mellow moments showcasing the Ghoulettes on the keyboard and Forge’s voice. This one’s a definite win.


Unbeknownst to be, when I heard this at the concert, I had no idea it was part of the album. This instrumental song features just our Ghouls and Ghoulettes and I adore it. While some people are complaining about having instrumental numbers on such a short album, I say, “NAY!” I love having just the instruments because these musicians are so talented this finally showcases just them, especially those amazing Ghoulettes. Maybe I am biased, but I know I’m not the only one loving their addition to the band. This song feels very retro and is perfect in the car, plus this is the big sax solo. A big yes from me.

Dance Macabre

This song was released by Ghost in a special Instagram story video featuring fellow musics and others reacting to it. This song has such an ’80s vibe. It is dance-able, singable and so, so special. Just like “Rats,” “Dance Macabre” song is big and plays big. You can’t help but move to it and it’s so different than anything we’ve heard from Ghost before.

Pro Memoria

You may recognize the intro to from the Chapter videos introducing Cardinal Copia. ‘Pro Memoria” is softer than any of the others, save for “Helvetesfonster,” on the album. It gets into your head and you find yourself singing it all day. The chorus is easy but the song is heavy in tone. With gentle instruments behind the vocals, a heavy reliance on the piano and the addition of an orchestra, this song is moving. Close your eyes and let it wash over.

Witch Image

This one is more classically Ghost in its sound. One of their more straightforward additions to the album, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less special. It’s a wonderful song and has wicked drums. This one really showcases the percussion and the drummer’s talent and it’s very singable.


It’s almost as it Ghost and the soundtrack to Shakespeare in Love had a baby and this was the fruit that their affair bore. The song, who’s title translates to Hell’s Window (which was another name for a controversial gown in the Middle Ages with an enormous amount of side boob), is a roller coaster of sound and rhythm. With a heavy Medieval influence and a very Ghost-like peak in the middle, this second instrumental song on the album is beautiful. While fans of the heavier side of Ghost may not necessarily appreciate it, given the theme, this song is appropriate and the album wouldn’t be complete without it.

Life Eternal

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Ghost ends the album on a fairly soft yet heavy note with “Life Eternal.” With the theme of death and life shining through the most brilliantly through this song, this showcases everything that Ghost has to offer. Beautiful vocals, epic instruments and the new addition to backup singers brings the whole thing together in one big gorgeous ending leaving your body in goosebumps. The last thing we hear on is Tobias Forge singing alone, “If you have life eternal.

WHAT AN ALBUM! This has to be my favorite that they’ve released thus far. While it does feel a little short, I loved every minute of it. They left me wanting more in the best way possible. You can hear the changes the band has made. The instruments are stronger, the voices are bigger and the themes are heavier while the songs seem more dance-y. It’s truly special and definitely worth buying and listening on repeat.

Prequelle is now available online and wherever music is sold. Purchase the album today.

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