Interview: Lindsay Farris turns up the heat in My Life Is Murder

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Lindsay Farris – My Life Is Murder 5 – Courtesy of We’re Not Here to F Spiders-Facebook

Future Plans

1428 Elm: You have a film in post, We’re Not Here to F*** Spiders. Great title! You play a drug dealer, Anton Berger. What can your fans expect from you, a darker side? Do you have a release date?

LF: Wow! Yeah, that film was a really intense experience. We basically had one week to shoot the entire movie, and so I ended up just moving into the house we were shooting in – sleeping in the character’s bed, cooking in his (run-down) kitchen, exercising with his rusted-up weights.

The entire house was in such a battered and decrepit condition that it was slated to be demolished a few weeks after we wrapped! (No re-shoots or pickups on this film! Ha-ha!) I was basically living in that shabby house and didn’t leave for the duration of the shoot.

Josh Reed [the director] and I worked together on ‘Primal’, a horror flick, which was actually (I think) my first feature film — he’s a legend so I was stoked to be working with him again. Rob Gibson [producer] and John Cordukes [cast, Godfrey] were also involved on both Primal and ‘Spiders‘ as well.

Spiders‘ was also shot in the most interesting way! We had cameras rigged all through this house in Sydney’s Inner West, and every scene was improvised, with us not having any idea of where the story would go prior to shooting. Each of us had secret plot points that only our characters knew, and things we had to achieve by the end of each scene – it felt especially risky, even scary at times, but made for an incredibly interesting film in the end.

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I know that the movie is in the final phase of completion at the moment — I think Josh is currently looking for additional support to finish the music and film’s soundtrack. As a project, it is especially innovative and something that I am really proud to have been a part of.

Initially, I didn’t know whether or not we could actually pull the whole thing off, as it was just so ambitious, the themes are really hardcore, the improvisational nature of the project itself was a risk, and I didn’t know whether I’d be able to manifest that level of intense persona, but after watching the most recent cut I think Josh and the team have done an incredible job — I’m really excited for you to see it. For updates you can follow the film at: We’re Not Here to F*** Spiders.

1428 Elm: Can you talk about your development deal yet? Any other future projects?

LF: Currently, my primary focus is the pilot for the hour-long Western / Horror / Fantasy series I have in development. The show follows a gas station attendant on an abandoned desert highway who gets caught up in an otherworldly hunt when he assists two refugees being pursued by a dying assassin and a dedicated comic-book nerd. The narrative was born out of my own origin story — my Maori heritage, learning more about my Maori lineage and reconnecting with my father’s family.

The pilot script has done really well in the festival circuit, and the project is currently in development. It’s taking a lot of my time, but I have a great team and we’ve had some amazing support from people who are in a position to get it up and out there.

On the acting front there’s also a few exciting things in the works, but most of these are still early days. Hopefully by the next time we talk I’ll have more to tell you! But I’m thrilled for what’s coming, and truly grateful for the experiences and adventure that life has sent my way.

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We’re thrilled for you too, Lindsay. As always, a pleasure to talk with this actor. Catch him on Acorn TV, Aug. 5 with Lucy Lawless in My Life Is Murder.

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