UFO: Did NASA’s satellite capture an alien craft near the sun?


A UFO near the sun? An anomaly was captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) a few days ago. It appears to be 10x larger than Earth. Could this be an alien craft?

UFO sightings happen more often than we think. Some are reported, others are not. A few days ago, Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily found a strange anomaly while he was looking at pictures of the sun captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory a.k.a. SOHO.

The object was reportedly 10x larger than Earth, according to the scale provided by Helioviewer. It could be seen on the outside of the star. When enlarged, the shape became readily apparent. According to Waring, he saw it as being “arrow like.”

At first glance, I thought that it could be a solar flare but it does have a very specific outline to it. I will admit, that can get the wheels turning. Scott seems to think that it is definitely an alien craft. He goes on in detail about its origin and how he thinks it was created.

His theory revolves around a species that is highly advanced and has a robot population to build spaceships of this magnitude. The interesting part is that Waring believes these beings are immortal. He likens them to “gods.”

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While all of this conjecture is fascinating, why would they be studying our sun? You would think that being advanced creatures, they would want to observe the planets in our solar system. However, one of Waring’s viewers had a theory about it.

The sun can be used as a power source. So, the ship might be replenishing its fuel supply by getting re-charged by our star. Which begs the question, what material is the UFO made out of if it can hover so close to the sun? One would think it would immediately become irradiated.

Unless, they have developed a metamaterial that is impervious to the sun’s toxic rays. There are so many questions to be explored. But what is definitely worth pointing out, soon after Waring discovered the object, NASA blacked it out with a cube so the image wouldn’t be visible.

Then again, could it have been a glitch? Two years ago, the Huffington Post reported on a similar event like this one. The Naval Research Laboratory came to the conclusion that the UFO in that instance was “a collection of streaks left by cosmic rays that hit the camera’s CCD sensor.”

Maybe this report was similar. Perhaps this “craft” is cosmic ray induced. Of course, I was going to have to check it out for myself on Helioviewer and here is the result.

UFO- Helioviewer anomaly – Courtesy of Helioviewer

You can definitely see that the omission is still there. While I can’t explain it, I am also quick not to jump on the bandwagon that there is a NASA cover-up going on either. Below you will find two different videos documenting this episode.

The first one is from Third Phase of Moon which is one of the premiere You Tube sites that deals with UFO phenomenon. They break down Waring’s video however, the video they are using looks decidedly different. This particular craft looks more like a half moon shape. What is intriguing about the image is the way that the rays from the sun bounce off of it.

It is hard to discount because there is clearly an object of some sort there. Coverage starts at the 2:16 mark.

Scott Waring’s broadcast is next. You can really see the differences in the shape of the purported alien vehicle.

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While I want to believe intelligent life is out there, neither of these videos in my mind, offer definitive proof.

What do you think? Do these videos show a UFO orbiting the sun? Let us know in the comments.