Lucy Lawless is up for a Xena: Warrior Princess movie?!

Lucy Lawless 2 - Courtesy of Jason Mendez- Getty Images
Lucy Lawless 2 - Courtesy of Jason Mendez- Getty Images /

Lucy Lawless is doing the U.S. press junket for her latest series, My Life Is Murder which premieres on Acorn TV on Aug. 5. During an interview, she said that she is very interested in returning as Xena: Warrior Princess.

Lucy Lawless is a force of nature. There is no genre that she can’t do. She was superbly malevolent as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead and her Sappho in the musical, Welcome to the Pleasuredome took us right back to the dance club 80’s with her fierce portrayal and killer vocals.

Now, she is back on the small screen as Alexa Crowe in My Life Is Murder. Alexa is a woman in pain. Grieving the death of her husband, she comes out of retirement at the urging of her old boss to return to detective work. Of course, she is the best at what she does and everyone is in awe of her abilities.

Even though Lawless has a body of work that most actresses would die for, there is always that one role that is the career maker. For her, it is Xena: Warrior Princess. Despite being off the air for 18 years, her fan base is strong. So much so, that they have been actively campaigning for years to get Lucy to pick up her sword again.

Well, maybe that idea isn’t so farfetched. In an interview with the New York Post, the subject of a Xena revival came up. From the sound of it, Lucy is willing to give it a shot. However, her husband and former executive producer, Rob Tapert sounds like the cog in the machinery.

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According to the actress, “he’s afraid he’s going to make some really s***** version.” Honestly, I can understand where Rob is coming from. With the reverence that fans have for the character and the risk that a return might not be able to duplicate the show’s early success, his hesitancy isn’t unfounded.

Case in point, Ash Williams. They revisited that popular cult favorite with a series only to have it cancelled after 3 seasons. What sparked the fire in Lucy wanting to return to the Warrior Princess was seeing Linda Hamilton in a promo for The Terminator reboot. In her words:

"“Yes! They nailed it!’ It was admiration and jealousy and I was like, why are they not doing that with Xena? Bring back me and Renee as the ages we are now and hand the baton over. I’m not signing a six-year [TV] contract to play Xena, but as a movie? Great!”"

Sounds like a plan and the perfect scenario to get this particular band back together again. Fans could have the best of both worlds. Lucy and Renee O’Connor for one last time and then the franchise could be renewed as they pass the torch to a new generation.

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Someone needs to get on that script, ASAP! Until then, catch Lucy in My Life Is Murder on Acorn TV, Aug. 5!

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