Why Ghost Hunters and Psychic Kids are paranormal comfort food

Ghost Hunters 2 - Courtesy of Justin Bettman and A & E
Ghost Hunters 2 - Courtesy of Justin Bettman and A & E /

Ghost Hunters and Psychic Kids return to A&E for a back to back debut on Aug. 21. After previewing both series, I wonder what is it about these shows that make them paranormal “comfort food?”

Ghost Hunters was the show that brought supernatural investigations to the forefront of television programming. Grant Wilson and his former colleagues were the benchmark for paranormal teams to aspire to. A decade of being on the road took its toll on Wilson who decided to quit the spirit world to focus on his family.

Now in 2019, he has made his way to A&E with a new band of experts. Refreshed and focused, he is ready to travel the country looking for people to help.

Psychic Kids was a hit series in 2008 for the network. Everyone was tuning in to see how these young people coped with their sometimes terrifying abilities. Over ten years later, those children are in their 20’s and ready to assist the next generation in honing their skills.

The premiere episode of Ghost Hunters has Grant and his team of investigators, Daryl Marston, Kristen Luman, Brandon Alvis, Mustafa Gatollari, Brian Murray and Richel Stratton coming to the aid of Pocatello, Idaho high school principal, Lisa Delonas.

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She claims that paranormal activity has escalated ever since closed-circuit cameras caught odd power surges in the middle of the night which triggered the alarm system.It’s up to Grant to tackle this phenomenon and determine who or what is haunting the halls at the institution.

On Psychic Kids, we are introduced to Kendyll and Ethan. Two children who are overwhelmed by their burgeoning abilities and need mentors to help them navigate through the spirit world.

Psychic Kids - Ryan Michaels - Courtesy of Cole Wilson and A&E
Psychic Kids – Ryan Michaels – Courtesy of Cole Wilson and A&E /

Enter Peri Zarella and Ryan Michaels, two psychics who were featured in the original series. They will attempt to guide Kendyll and Ethan through various scenarios.

After previewing both series and years of studying the paranormal, I think viewers will immediately become engaged with what is happening. To me, these types of reality shows are refreshing, one might even call them “comfort food,” because they don’t deal with backstabbing or conniving people who are trying to best one another in some inane contest.

In both instances, Ghost Hunters and Psychic Kids thrive on assisting people with making sense out of sometimes inexplicable and somewhat distressing events. If you have an insatiable curiosity that extends itself to otherworldly pursuits then both shows have appealing casts and riveting stories.

You get to know both teams on each series and their different personalities along with the dynamics of what make them tick. Grant Wilson is highly likeable and so are the individuals that he has assembled.

Psychic Kids works because not only do you meet the children but you understand the struggles that their families are going through as well.

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Tune into Ghost Hunters on Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. on A&E followed by Psychic Kids.

Are you a fan of Ghost Hunters and Psychic Kids? Do you think these shows are “comfort food?” Let us know in the comments.