Swamp Thing: 5 most intense moments from the series finale

Swamp Thing - Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers
Swamp Thing - Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers /

Swamp Thing comes to an uneven end in the series finale, and we’re focusing on the most intense moments of the hour. Did the show get a proper goodbye?

It is a real shame we didn’t get to see Swamp Thing play out its entire story. The season finale is as good as it could have been, but it’s clear many storylines were neutered and hastily drawn into a conclusive moment.

Even if the show were still doomed to be canceled, it would have been nice to get those final hours of storytelling to justify some of the characters, and plots Swamp Thing had set up over the season.

The episode begins with a follow-up from last week. We know that Alec Holland is officially dead. The Swamp Thing we see us is 100% made of plant-life but still retains Alec’s consciousness.

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We also know that Jason Woodrue is desperate to save his wife. The episode shows us his final stand. She is immobilized after overdosing on her medication, trapped inside her mind.

Jason duct tapes her to a chair. He then prepares to give her some of Swamp Thing’s cells to “heal” her once and for all. That is only skimming the surface of the man intense moments from the show’s series finale.

5. Swamp Thing has a showdown with the Conclave.

I wish this moment had felt more climactic and not been so frenetically edited. As it stands, the scenes with the Conclave members running through the woods is still tense and foreboding. In particular, the scene where the mercenaries and Ellery realize Swamp Thing is hunting them and one of their men was used as bait, felt like a moment from a real horror movie.

However, the tension is punctuated too often because the scenes are spread out through the episode. It would have been more effective to see them tied together in what would have been a nail-biting sequence. Still, it’s fascinating to see what Swamp Thing is capable of at his full power. It’s a shame we won’t get to see him explore his abilities to a deeper extent.

Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing – Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers /

4. Woodrue goes off the deep end.

As I mentioned above, Woodrue traps his catatonic wife in a chair. He removes all the dissected body parts he stole from Swamp Thing in last week’s episode and Gordon Ramsey’s them into some green stir-fry. Apparently, it even tastes good. Of course, Woodrue wouldn’t give his darling wife something he hadn’t tested on himself first, so he eats some of Swamp Thing’s heart.

The effects are pretty immediate. Woodrue feels a surge of strength. But before he can force-feed his wife, Abby shows up and calls the police. They arrive just in time to stop him from going any further, but this won’t be the last we see of Woodrue.

3. Avery murders Lucilia.

I wish I cared more about Lucilia’s death, but the series never gave her much to do. It’s a shame because Jennifer Beals is a great actress, but Lucilia’s arc was a pretty strange one. In the beginning, there were shades of interesting tension between Lucilia, Matt, and Abby, given Matt’s feelings for Abby, but that plot was mostly dropped.

Then we found out Lucilia and Avery were having an affair and Lucilia was relegated to becoming a conflict for Avery. As revenge for trying to kill him, Avery forced Lucilia out into the swamp where she drowns. It’s a sad death, but it probably wasn’t necessary for the finale.

Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing – Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers /

2. Abby and Swamp Thing come to an agreement.

We get some beautiful closure and the hope of more to come between Swamp Thing and Abby. They meet up again one last time in Alec’s former lab. Neither of them could leave without ensuring they saw the other. Swamp Thing admits he didn’t just disappear into the swamp because he hated the thought of never seeing Abby again, she shares similar sentiments. Need I remind you in the Alan Moore comic run, Abby and Swamp Thing actually did uh, consummate, their union.

So the show could have genuinely headed in the romantic direction it appeared to want to. Derek Mears and Crystal Reed are undoubtedly strong enough actors to keep the relationship grounded and prevent it from veering into camp. Even though we may not ever get to see them together again, it’s nice to know they’ll be together as Abby promises she’ll remain by his side and help him face the darkness to come. “I would like that very much.” He responds.

1. The Floronic Man makes his grand entrance.

In the post-credits teaser for the episode, we get to see Jason Woodrue in his full glory as the Floronic Man. He also appears to slaughter Matt in the process, although it happens off-screen so whose to say? It’s a shame, so many questions will be left unanswered, and the fantastic costume they made for this popular DC villain is going to waste!

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What did you think of the Swamp Thing season finale? Are you hoping another network or streaming platform will save the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The entire first season of Swamp Thing is now available to stream on DC Universe