Amazon circles Event Horizon as a TV series in development

Event Horizon - Courtesy of Golar Productions, Impact Pictures, Paramount Pictures
Event Horizon - Courtesy of Golar Productions, Impact Pictures, Paramount Pictures /

Event Horizon is the perfect blend of sci-fi and horror. A hit 1997 film, it is now being made into a series at Amazon.

Event Horizon was one of those special pictures that was a perfect marriage of science fiction and horror. Starring Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne, this chiller set in space pondered what would happen if you opened a rift into another dimension and found hell?

When a spaceship with an experimental gravity drive that happens to create a black hole for propulsion purposes (this would enable the craft for interstellar travel) disappears and reappears years later, a crew is dispatched along with the inventor of the gravity drive to determine what happened. Right away, they know something isn’t quite right and what they discover is a supernatural force that should have been left undisturbed.

Now, we are going to revisit this film except according to Variety, Amazon along with Paramount Television is developing the concept for a television series. Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, two of the producers from the Neill/Fishburne flick will be on board as executive producers. Adam Wingard the director of the revamped Blair Witch will be joining Gordon and Levin as an executive producer.

If you haven’t seen the movie, then avert your eyes because spoilers are forthcoming. At the end of Event Horizon, Sam Neill who plays the inventor of the gravity drive becomes possessed by an evil entity. Laurence Fishburne wants to save his crew from being taken to hell so he sacrifices himself by blowing up the remainder of the vessel. Three of his crew members escape in another part of the craft.

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Will this series start with the surviving characters? Perhaps they explain what happened so that scientists can improve the gravity drive and prevent another catastrophe from occurring. That being said, would a new and improved drive end up reconnecting with that dimension again and wreak havoc on another unsuspecting crew?

Or will the show recreate the movie but get more in-depth since it will probably have a 10-episode run? That being said, there are so many approaches to take that it will definitely be interesting to see what Amazon does with this series.

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Plus, they know good sci-fi when they see it. They saved The Expanse last year from oblivion. Stay tuned because there will be inevitable updates.

Have you seen Event Horizon? Are you looking forward to the series? Let us know in the comments.