Ash vs Evil Dead: Was the set haunted in Season 2?

Ash vs Evil Dead - Haunted Set - Courtesy of STARZ
Ash vs Evil Dead - Haunted Set - Courtesy of STARZ /

Ash vs Evil Dead had some creepy moments happen on set during Season 2. Were the cast and crew being haunted?

Ash vs Evil Dead is no longer with us but some stories about the production linger. Back in 2016, several cast members had paranormal experiences. Did life imitate art?

If you worked on a series that dealt with quite a bit of blood, gore and demons it would be hard to distinguish between what is real and what could potentially be supernatural. Let’s face it, anything unusual would seem normal. However, Pepi Sonuga told Rotten Tomatoes back in 2016 about some unsettling moments that occurred while she was filming the show.

According to the actress, spirit activity was spiked. Sonuga felt that because of the subject matter, Deadites and the Necronomicon, that is what conjured up otherworldly happenings. As she put it, “They’re only attracted to you when you’re bringing that energy in.”

But acting is just that, acting. Could the spectral world have been contacted through the script? After all, the entire premise of Ash vs Evil Dead deals with that realm. How crazy would it be if reciting your lines in Sumerian resulted in summoning the dead? Yikes!

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Pepi wasn’t alone because Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago felt the weird vibes as well. In an interview with IGN at San Diego Comic Con three years ago, DeLorenzo talked about how she had been shoved by an unseen force in front of Bruce Campbell.

The actress readily admits to being naturally klutzy but this time was different. She felt like someone had pushed her.

Two of the best episodes Delusion and Ashy Slashy were shot in an abandoned asylum. As it just so happens, the location was haunted. Ray Santiago recounted how a ghost appeared on camera fleetingly in one scene and was witnessed on playback.

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Dana discussed how the artwork that was on the walls fell down while a “Deadite” was screaming. One of the crew members woke up covered in blood and glass that was not like what was being used during filming. Sounds like the Ghostbeaters could have used the Ghostbusters, just saying!

Did you know about Ash vs Evil Dead being haunted? Have you heard any other eerie production stories? Let us know in the comments.