‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: ‘Ashy Slashy’ Slices Up Slivers Of Greatness


After giving fans an ultimately dismal outing in ‘Delusion’, Starz’s ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ returns to form with ‘Ashy Slashy’. Welcome back Deadites.

The following review of Ashy Slashy contains spoilers. I’d watch Ash vs Evil Dead’s latest before checking out the review. Enjoy Deadites.


With the rest of the gang attempting to save Ash from Baal, it looks like this will lead to the ultimate battle between good and evil. But then Baal takes full control of Ash, the demented demon employs El Jefe to kill the rest of “The Ghost Beaters”. With Ash hot on their trail with chainsaw in hand…or in place of it, the group must pull out all the stops to survive. And if they’re lucky, The Necronomicon will be the least of their problems. Welcome to Ashy Slashy.


Last week, Ash vs Evil Dead gave us one of the worst, of not the worst, episodes of the series in Delusion. Taking place solely in an insane asylum, Delusion slows down the pacing of the second season to a screeching halt. Ashy Slashy, on the other hand, quickly brings Ash vs Evil Dead back to its former greatness.

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First off, this baby feels like a film in and of itself. Written by Aaron Lam and Suzanne Keilly , Ash vs Evil Dead’s eighth episode of Season 2 basically acts as a standalone slasher flick. Now with Ash fully under Baal’s control, the rest of “The Ghost Beaters”, along with Ruby, must fight El Jefe.

Putting Ash in the “Michael Myers/Jason Voorhees” role, Ashy Slashy is a blast to watch for using this approach. Not to mention how the episode ends up for the gang.

Bruce Campbell as Ash in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead: Ashy Slashy’-Courtesy of Starz

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And speaking of approach. Because Ashy Slashy is a “chase” episode, and done right, this allows for some quick pacing. While the episode feels big like a film, it doesn’t drag and overstay it’s welcome. First you’re having a blast, and then you’re reading the credits. And then, if you’re anything like me, you’re reaching for the remote to replay this amazing episode.

And upon those replays, you’ll notice all the stellar acting of Bruce Campbell. Throughout the illustrious career of Bruce Campbell, he’s usually the wise cracking goof. Here, in Ashy Slashy, he gets to be a dark stalker seemingly void of emotion. While Campbell impresses every week in his Starz show, it was refreshing to see the man show some other sides of his craft.

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So, will Ash kill Pablo and Kelly for Baal? Will the gang break Baal’s hold on ole El Jefe? Will Pablo finally rid himself of the book? You’ll have to keep looking up at the Starz to find out Deadites.


Tony Tilse‘s Ashy Slashy is one of the best episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead. With atmospheric direction throughout, the episode feels like a mini-slasher film and it’s damn entertaining for it. While last week’s Delusion brought the series down, Ashy Slashy brings up the entertainment factor tremendously.


Check out a preview of the next Ash vs Evil Dead outting, Home Again, courtesy of Starz:

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