Halloween: Tom Atkins wants to return to the franchise? Yes, please!

LONDON - OCTOBER 31: A child enjoys traditional candle-lit Halloween pumpkins on October 31, 2007 in London. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
LONDON - OCTOBER 31: A child enjoys traditional candle-lit Halloween pumpkins on October 31, 2007 in London. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) /

Tom Atkins revealed recently that he wouldn’t mind returning to the Halloween franchise. We would love to see that happen!

Tom Atkins defined 80’s horror films. He was a perennial staple. Everywhere you turned, he was there.

His association with John Carpenter began in 1980 when he starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in The Fog as Nick Castle. Which ironically is the name of the actor that was behind the Michael Myers mask.

Their partnership didn’t end on that film because Atkins went on to play Rehme in Escape from New York. Finally, he made it into the Halloween franchise in the only non-Shape film in the series, Halloween III: The Season of the Witch.

Unfortunately, this particular installment turned out to be very polarizing for fans. Either you loved it or you hated it. There was no middle ground.

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The actor played Daniel Challis, an alcoholic doctor who stumbles upon an insane plot hatched by the CEO of a novelty making corporation called Silver Shamrock. As it turns out, the man in charge, Conal Cochran is a witch in the old Druid, Celtic tradition.

On Halloween, he plots to kill millions of people with a rigged mask and a catchy jingle on a television commercial. The reason for this diabolical deed? Why, the planets are in alignment! So, its time to change the world.

Of course, since Tom Atkins is the heroic type, he attempts to thwart the television stations that are running the promo but in the end he can’t convince all of them to shut down the ad. What we do know is Challis’ fate was up in the air.

Which brings us to a recent conversation with the icon. According to Comic Book, Atkins admitted that he wouldn’t be opposed to doing a cameo for David Gordon Green in the current incarnation of the franchise.

"“I would love to do it. But [the filmmakers], so far, they haven’t jumped out at me.”"

Come on, Blumhouse! Mr. Atkins would be a great addition to your cast. Obviously, he couldn’t reprise Challis because last year’s picture was a direct sequel to the original forgetting all of the other iterations.

Halloween Kills will begin filming in the early part of September so it might be too late to include the actor. However, there is still time to get him on board for Halloween Ends which won’t be released until Oct. 15, 2021.

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Fingers crossed that the producers will reach out because who doesn’t want a living horror legend like Tom Atkins in their film?

Would you like to see Tom Atkins return to the franchise? Let us know in the comments.