3 reasons why The Last Kids on Earth is going to be a hit

Photo: The Last Kids on Earth.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: The Last Kids on Earth.. Courtesy Netflix /

The Last Kids on Earth is definitely going to be an animated hit for Netflix. We were lucky enough to preview the pilot episode. Here are 3 reasons why you will be hooked on this series.

The Last Kids on Earth is from the beloved Max Brallier series of books about a group of kids who band together after the apocalypse to fight zombies and monsters. On Sept. 17, the animated show premieres on streaming giant, Netflix.

We were fortunate enough to preview the beginning episode which will serve as an introduction to the main characters Jack Sullivan (Nick Wolfhard), Quint (Garland Whitt), Dirk (Charles Demers) and June (Montse Hernandez). According to Netflix and Paste Magazine, the 66 minute pilot will be shown first with the series to follow in 2020. At that time, the viewers will be introduced to the other characters who are being voiced by some well-known folks.

This show has something for everyone, adults and kids alike. Which is a plus because families can watch it together for the ultimate experience. There is quite a bit to enjoy with this Netflix venture.

Here are 3 reasons why we feel this show is going to be a hit!

Meet The Last Kids on Earth Main Gang

An outstanding group of voice actors is assembled for this cast. Nick Wolfhard is on point as the hero of the rag tag team of survivors. He plays Jack Sullivan. When we are first introduced to his character, he is attempting to escape and dodge the wrath of Blarg.

His nemesis happens to be a gigantic beast with a fierce temper and a definite need to get rid of Jack. However, that isn’t going to happen because our boy is clever. He manages to escape by sticking his splintered bat into a pair of the creature’s eyes.

This is how life is for Jack a series of quests and plans to get out of harms way. Wolfhard does a tremendous job of injecting humor and pathos into his character who we find out early on is a foster kid. Which explains why he sets out to find his friends from school.

The Last Kids on Earth
Photo: The Last Kids on Earth.. Courtesy Netflix /

We never feel sorry for him though. Nick imbues his alter ego with an unbounded sense of optimism. It is his spirit that will keep viewers coming back for more to see just what he is going to do next.

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His fellow castmates, Garland Whitt (Quint), Charles Demers (Dirk) and Montse Hernandez (June) are very believable as Jack’s adoptive “family.” Quint is his best friend and a geeky inventor who can be counted on to get them out of a jam with a clever weapon or two.

Dirk is the biggest kid around but he has a heart of gold which he hides under his imposing demeanor. He may not be the smartest guy but he will back everyone up 110% if they are attacked by zombies or monsters.

Rounding out Jack’s gang is June. This is the love of his teenage heart. Although she is very independent and can handle herself with ninja like skills, all of her tough as nails act is to protect herself from being hurt. Although she seems bothered by Jack’s attention and keeps her distance, it is clear that they respect one another.

Viewers will quickly become invested in these characters because the actors voicing them are relatable. Like The Breakfast Club, we have all known someone like them in our lives and that will keep viewers coming back for further adventures.

The Cast of Thousands

When The Last Kids on Earth was first announced, it quickly became the most anticipated series on Netflix’s roster. Not only are the actors voicing the main characters solid performers but the guest stars are top-notch thespians.

First of all, Mark Hamill will be one of the featured cast members. At present, we don’t know who he will be portraying but we know that creator Max Brallier was amazed at hearing the veteran actor reading things that he had “written four years earlier” in his book.

Plus, Hamill’s range is legendary. Fans of Batman will know him as the voice of the Joker. Recently, he was the voice of Chucky in the reboot of Child’s Play.

The Last Kids on Earth
Photo: The Last Kids on Earth.. Courtesy Netflix /

Also, on hand is Rosario Dawson. Guardians of the Galaxy followers will definitely be tuning into seeing who she will be playing. Comedienne Catherine O’Hara of Schitt’s Creek is going to play a warrior monster! Is there anything she can’t do?

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Max Brallier states that her character will have “a lot more screen time in the show than in the books.” Keith David is voicing Thrull who is known as the “Undercover traitor monster.”

As it turns out, Bruce Campbell will be playing an entirely new role expressly created to fit his personality. So, Evil Dead fans this will definitely be something to look forward to!

A Show with Heart

While The Last Kids on Earth is aimed at a younger demographic, it has a universal story at the core of the series that doesn’t alienate adults. Positivity reigns in this production. No matter how dire the circumstances there is that belief that nothing is truly lost or hopeless.

In today’s society, its easy to feel lost. Especially when it seems like no one gets you or takes the time to understand who you really are. And yes, that leads to a profound sense of loneliness. But this show is about finding your “tribe.” Those people that you can resonate with and have a sense of belonging.

Jack and his friends “get” one another. There are no judgments, just unconditional support, the way a family unit is supposed to be and sometimes isn’t. Its time for some good storytelling in entertainment and this series doesn’t disappoint. Check out the trailer!

Catch the premiere episode of The Last Kids on Earth on Sept. 17 on Netflix.

Are you a fan of Max Brallier’s book series? What do you think of the cast? Let us know in the comments.