Nick Wolfhard interview: Hail the hero of The Last Kids on Earth

Photo: Nick Wolfhard.. Image Courtesy Gordan Dumka
Photo: Nick Wolfhard.. Image Courtesy Gordan Dumka /
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Nick Wolfhard
Photo: Nick Wolfhard.. Image Courtesy Gordan Dumka /

Nick Wolfhard is poised on the edge of becoming a household name. He is starring in the highly anticipated animated Netflix series, The Last Kids on Earth as Jack Sullivan. Time to meet a hero!

Nick Wolfhard has a recognizable voice. He has appeared in countless animated productions like World Trigger and Beyblade Burst.

Now, he is ready to become a household name as he tackles the lead role in Netflix’s highly anticipated animated series, The Last Kids on Earth. The actor will be sharing the screen vocally with veteran performers Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Keith David, Catherine O’Hara and Bruce Campbell.

He portrays Jack Sullivan, a geeky kid who is left to his own devices after the world comes to an abrupt end. Fighting off zombie hordes and monsters is just another day in the life for him until he meets up with some of his classmates. They form a “family” unit and band together to face the uncertain future.

We caught up with Nick to chat about his heroic role on The Last Kids on Earth and what is on the horizon for this talented thespian.

The Interview

Nick Wolfhard
Photo: The Last Kids on Earth.. Courtesy Netflix /

Lone Survivor

1428 Elm: I saw the premiere for The Last Kids on Earth and it was really enjoyable. It isn’t just for young people; I think the storyline has something for adults as well. Prior to being cast, did you read the book series?

Nick Wolfhard: It’s funny that you said that because I have been telling people in interviews that I believe older audiences will watch the show as well. Actually, I discovered the book series after I got the part.

But I did find out that it is very successful and its kind of like a modern day, Captain Underpants or Diary of a Wimpy Kid with more of a serious tone. Not too serious but not as goofy as those books.

1428 Elm: What is it that attracted you to the role of Jack Sullivan?

Nick Wolfhard: What attracted me to Jack originally was the fact that I thought he was going to be this cool, Kurt Russell type character. However, in reality, he pretends to be cool but actually, he is a little dorky.

Jack is like me as a kid. I was a nerd just like him. He feels kind of lonely sometimes and that is why he is trying to build a family. I can relate to that because as an adult, my family is off doing their own things so I try to hang out with as many friends as possible. Which is kind of what Jack is trying to do.

1428 Elm: Oddly enough, Jack reminds me a lot of Steve Smith on American Dad. The nerdy kid who means well but doesn’t necessarily execute his plans properly. Your character’s backstory is a very lonely one. He was part of a foster family. Did that factor heavily into your thoughts when you were developing him?

Nick Wolfhard: You’re right. He is a very lonely kid. For anyone that grew up in a foster home, I think not just kids but adults will be able to relate to that. Not even that but it will affect people who have families that are kind of distant.

Kids who don’t have that many friends might be able to get more friends by watching Jack and his endeavors. Me personally, I was a total introvert growing up and in a lot of ways, I still am. I didn’t like hanging out with anyone during middle school. Near the very end of high school, I wanted to hang out with more people.