Original 1960s Dark Shadows sequel series is officially in the works at The CW

31st October 1946: Actress Joan Bennett with her husband, Walter Wanger, on their arrival at Southampton. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
31st October 1946: Actress Joan Bennett with her husband, Walter Wanger, on their arrival at Southampton. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images) /

A sequel series to Dark Shadows is officially in the works at The CW. The series is tentatively titled Dark Shadows: Reincarnation.

Beloved gothic drama series, Dark Shadows, is being eyed as the next classic TV soap opera to get a modern-day revival. Dark Shadows already received one reboot with the 2012 film directed by Tim Burton.

Burton’s version of the story didn’t do so well with critics, but it performed admirably at the box office. Could a television show do better?

According to Deadline, The CW and Warner Bros Television have come to terms on a new deal that would see the network produce Dark Shadows: Reincarnation. Like the original, this new version would also be an hourlong gothic horror drama.

Mark B. Perry, who has written on series like Revenge and Ghost Whisperer, has been tapped to write the pilot script. Perry will also serve as an executive producer alongside Bradley Gallo, Michael Helfant, and more.

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As typical of The CW, you can expect the new version of the show to be a “sexier” version of the original saga. Dark Shadows: Reincarnation will be a modern-day continuation of the Collins family.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Collins family, they are a family of supernaturals creatures living for more than 400 years in Collinsport, Maine. They shy away from the public and attempt to keep their dark secrets hidden away from prying eyes.

Based on the aforementioned article from Deadline, it looks like Warner Brothers and The CW are hoping to turn Dark Shadows: Reincarnation into the next version of The Vampire Diaries. How fitting the news should break on the tenth anniversary of TVD.

For fans of the original series that worry about the classic show being tarnished with a reboot, be happy the series is being put into the hands of someone like Perry, who considers himself a “first-generation fan.”

In commenting on the news, Perry stated it “has been a dream of mine to give Dark Shadows the Star Trek treatment since way back in the ’80s when Next Generation was announced, so I’m beyond thrilled and humbled to be entrusted with this resurrection.”

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Tracey and Cathy Curtis, daughters of Dark Shadows creator, Dan Curtis, will also executive produce the pilot alongside Mark B. Perry.

Were you a fan of the original Dark Shadows? What do you think about the possibility of a sequel series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.