Candy Corn teases a new serial slasher in this new freakshow of horror


Don’t miss Tony Todd in this latest frightfest when Candy Corn hits VOD later this month. If you’re a fan of slashers, this movie is a can’t miss.

It’s Halloween night in your average sleepy small town. Candy Corn begins with your typical grab bag local bullies meeting at a diner to plan their next hazing ritual. The victim is a local boy who recently became employed at the town freakshow. They torment him on an annual basis.

“Aren’t you getting a little old to pick on this kid?” The lone girl of the group asks. By the hesitation and dim looks on their stupefied faces, they’d never considered the possibility. There must indeed be nothing to do in this town.

But none of them would anticipate that their next attack would be their last. Candy Corn excels when it focuses on its slasher roots. When Jacob Atkins rises from the dead in the aftermath of the vicious assault, he mimics the familiar lumbering slowness and grotesque appearance of other killers we’ve seen before.

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For Jacob Atkins’s first film role, his frightening portrayal as a lumbering member of the undead is up there with some of the horror greats. He draws favorable comparisons to Jason and Leatherface. He even has a trademark method of killing, but I’ll let you watch the film to see the bloodshed for yourself.

Candy Corn breathes life into a compelling new puppet master with the creation of the Dr. Death character. Pancho Moler embraces his character’s moral subterfuge with charisma and glee. He will make you both morbidly curious the next time the carnival comes to town, and downright terrified.

For the most part, there isn’t necessarily anything new introduced in this film. You’re looking at your typical hack and slash revenge story. However, that doesn’t mean Candy Corn isn’t an involved and entertaining little flick.

Candy Corn
P.J. SOLES in CANDY CORN – Photo courtesy of EPIC PICTURES PR /

At times, it does feel tonally conflicted. I think the film would have been more successful had it adhered to some of its natural campiness (a movie with a freakshow setting begs to be camp). It forgets itself at times and becomes too self-serious. Those tend to be the film’s weaker moments.

Overall though, it’s an excellent Halloween film. I can see myself rewatching this when October looms closer. With the fall candles are flickering and a big bowl of Reese cups, it’ll fit perfectly into a holiday marathon. There is a level of comfort and familiarity to Candy Corn. You might have seen its skeleton before, but it fills in the gaps with some skin-crawling moments and nightmarish imagery.

Plus, the jocks are annoying. We all knew someone like that in high school. It’s a little cathartic to see Jacob getting his revenge, I have to admit.

The movie stars P.J. Soles, Courtney Gains, Pancho Moler, Sky Elobar, Caleb Thomas, Lovlee Carroll, Matt O’Neill, and introduces us to Nate Chaney! Tony Todd, the Candyman himself, is also in the films but I wish we had gotten to spend more time with his character.

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Are you planning to watch Candy Corn when it is released? What are your favorite Halloween movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Candy Corn is coming to select US cinemas September 13 and releasing on VOD/Blu-ray September 17.