Strange World: Christopher Garetano goes in search of super soldiers

Host Christopher Garetano shaking hands with Quarter World owner Logan Bowden as seen on Travel Channel's Strange World
Host Christopher Garetano shaking hands with Quarter World owner Logan Bowden as seen on Travel Channel's Strange World /

Strange World dives into the mysterious Stargate Project which focused on manifestation of psychic phenomenon for military and intelligence usage. Are we still looking to create the ultimate warrior?

Strange World and host Christopher Garetano go on another quest with close ties to Montauk. This week’s episode of the Travel Channel series focuses on the Stargate Project and the desire to create super soldiers. It isn’t a sci-fi movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren anymore (Universal Soldier).

In 1978, at Fort Meade in Maryland, the journey began to try and incorporate psychic abilities into the military. Originally, the project went by various names like Gondola Wish and Sun Streak before settling on Stargate which is what it was officially known as from 1991 until its termination in 1995. Exactly what was going on and why?

The military was delving into the concept of remote viewing. Basically, the idea is that individuals who possess this ability have the knack of perceiving certain locations in their minds and the application would be used when trying to gain intelligence information. It’s like spying without actually being in the physical vicinity of the target which sounds dubious at best.

Two organizations were behind this effort, the Defense Intelligence Agency and a contractor from California, SRI International. Although records state that this project ended 24 years ago, did it really? Christopher Garetano looks into some of the technological advancements our military is experimenting with in the ongoing quest to create indestructible soldiers.

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According to the trailer, there are eye drops that can give a person night vision without the goggles. There is also the development of a cloaking suit that would render our military personnel invisible. It is known as quantum stealth camouflage. If soldiers wore a garment constructed out of this special fabric which bends light, they could carry out missions without anyone knowing that they are there.

We are already on this track of advanced protection for our soldiers with the Corner Shot. This is a weapon designed to shoot around corners just like the name implies. Could the notion of an ultimate warrior who has no disadvantages be in our future?

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