31 movies to watch in October: The Babysitter

The Babysitter - Courtesy Netflix
The Babysitter - Courtesy Netflix /

One week into our 31 movies in 31 days challenge for October, we are focusing on one of my favorite Netflix Originals, The Babysitter.

The Babysitter began streaming on Netflix in October of 2017, and I think I have watched it five times in the past two years. It’s the perfect horror movie if you want to watch something that is A) Bloody and B) Fun.

Samara Weaving, who has been splendid in other horror-related films such as Mayhem and Ready or Not, is the title character, Bee. She regularly babysits 12-year-old Cole, and the two of them are pretty close despite the fact that he is a little old for a sitter.

Cole’s neighborhood friend Melanie tells him that she thinks Bee invites friends over and parties after he goes to bed, and suggests he stay up and check. Cole, who is regularly bullied and fears almost everything (spiders, blood, riding in a car that is going to fast) decides to be adventurous and take her advice.

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When Bee shows up, they do all of their favorite things together: watch the movie, Billy Jack, while re-enacting some of the dialogue, hanging out in the kitchen talking about cool stuff, eating pizza. Afterward, Cole pretends to go to bed but sneaks out to spy.

Sure enough, Bee’s friends show up, and they are an odd and amusing bunch. As Cole watches, the gang plays a spirited game of Spin the Bottle, which ends abruptly after Bee stabs a newcomer in the head with a couple of knives. It seems Bee and her BFFs are part of a demonic cult, and they plan to use Cole’s virgin blood to summon their favorite demon.

The cast is great, particularly Weaving and young Judah Lewis, who plays Cole. Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect) as the brooding, possibly psychotic Sonya, and Bella Thorne as the vain and ditzy cheerleader Allison are the most amusing of Bee’s friends.

This is a super-fun, super-bloody movie that I have recommended to countless friends, and everyone so far has loved it. In fact, Netflix recently announced an upcoming sequel. So, give The Babysitter a watch this October and let me know what you think.

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The Babysitter can be streamed on Netflix.

Have you seen The Babysitter? What are your other Netflix Original horror favorites? Let us know in the comments section.