The cutest Papa in the world: Tales from the Stitch unboxing

Photo: Tales from the Stitch.. Image by D.D. Crowley
Photo: Tales from the Stitch.. Image by D.D. Crowley /

We have a Ghost unboxing of the most adorable Papa in the world courtesy of master crochet artist, Tales from the Stitch.

Hey Ghost fans! If you don’t get to see the band on their third, and some would say the best, tour since Prequelle’s release but you still need some Ghost in your life, I have the solution for you. There is a woman out there that can make any and every character into an adorable little crocheted doll. Her company is called Tales from the Stitch and she is insanely talented.

I first encountered Chelsee from Tales from the Stitch on Twitter as she posted her crocheted creations after Joe Bob Briggs marathons. She would pick the best film of that marathon and make a spot on representation of a lead character. I was so impressed by just how good they looked that it got me thinking. Could she make a Papa?

Turns out that she sure can! From Jason to Michael, Pennywise to Regan, Tales from the Stitch can make it. A huge thank you to Chelsee for sending me this little Papa to show to you guys. She did send me the adorable creation for free but my review will  be 100% honest and my own opinion. She asked which Ghost character would be my doll of choice and I had to go with the sassiest Papa of all, Papa Emeritus III.

There is a big argument over who is the best Papa and the widely agreed on choice is Papa Emeritus II but my personal favorite is Papa III. The personality created for this particular Ghost frontman was oozing with sex appeal, sassy, funny and full of piss and vinegar. I appreciate that kind of personality. Check out the unboxing and then keep reading for more information.

I was surprised at just how solid and heavy the little Papa III was. In my mind, a crocheted doll would be airy and cuddly, but Papa has weight making it a lot easier to set on a shelf. There are so many amazing details she included. She made a doll of Papa III in his full Papa vestments complete with little hand-painted Grucifixes in gold and black paint. She even got the facial paint right! His papal robes fall in front and back and his papal hat is hallowed on the top with one point instead of two (that’s not a complaint, just an observation).

Tales from the Stitch
Photo: Tales from the Stitch.. Image by D.D. Crowley /

He is way too cute and I am so impressed. I couldn’t get over just how good he looks. There is so much detail, it’s so solid and there isn’t a string out of place. The figures at the Tales from the Stitch Etsy shop range from $31.26 to $109.40. She also makes little decals for only a couple dollars! I am a huge fan now and if you order a Ghost character from Chelsee, tag us in your pictures so we can see her work.

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What Ghost member do you want to see made into a crocheted doll? Let us know in the comments!