12 rare horror films from Sony Movie Channel to keep you up all night!

Photo: Rare and Campy 70's Horror Movie Marathon key art.. Image Courtesy Sony Movie Channel
Photo: Rare and Campy 70's Horror Movie Marathon key art.. Image Courtesy Sony Movie Channel /

Sony Movie Channel will be showing some rare horror gems from the 1970’s to keep you up all night beginning Oct. 25 and ending on Halloween! This mini-fest will definitely be scaretastic!

Sony Movie Channel is getting into the Halloween spirit with a mini film festival featuring 12 rare horror gems from the 1970’s. The best part is some of the productions feature iconic stars like Donald Pleasence (Halloween), Mia Farrow (Rosemary’s Baby) and Robert Shaw (Jaws).

There are even a few cool made for television movies thrown in for good measure as well. For Charlie’s Angels fans, Kate Jackson appears in a few of these scary flicks along with Tom Bosley, (Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days) and Andy Griffith (cue that ear worm whistling theme song).

This event will start on Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET culminating in a Halloween marathon on Oct. 31. What a fun way to spend the ghoulish holiday viewing non-stop terror filled pictures from 9 a.m. until 2 a.m. ET!

Here’s what’s playing on Sony Movie Channel:


BLACK NOON (1971, TV movie) What happens when a traveling preacher and his wife run into a Satanic cult in the Old West? Nothing good, that’s for sure. Will the reverend be able to stop the evil or will it stop him? Roy Thinnes, Ray Milland, Yvette Mimieux and Gloria Grahame star in this frontier fear fest.

Showtimes: FRI 10/25 8PM & 10:50PM, WED 10/30 9:20PM & 12:05PM (early THURS), THURS 10/31 1:55PM

THE CAT CREATURE (1973, TV movie) A mummy goes missing along with an ancient Egyptian talisman resulting in murder and mayhem that appears to be caused by a housecat? You have to see this one to believe it. Featuring Meredith Baxter of Family Ties, David Hedison, John Carradine and Stuart Whitman.

Showtimes: FRI 10/25 9:25PM & 12:15AM (Early SAT), THURS 10/31 9:45PM


SAVAGES (1974, TV movie) We’re not in Mayberry anymore! When a wealthy businessman (Andy Griffith) hires an ambitious young man in need of extra cash (Sam Bottoms) to be his guide on a desert hunting trip, things turn creepy when a prospector gets shot.

Showtimes: SAT 10/26 8PM & 11:10PM, THURS 10/31 11:10PM

CURSE OF KING TUT’S TOMB (1980, theatrical) When archeologists discover King Tut’s tomb, an ancient curse kicks into gear as everyone associated with the dig starts dying. Eva Marie Saint, Tom Baker (Doctor Who) and Robin Ellis try to stay alive in this terrifying mystery.

Showtimes: SAT 10/26 9:25PM & 12:35AM (Early SUN), THURS 10/31 8PM


DEATH AT LOVE HOUSE (1974, TV movie) Kate Jackson and Robert Wagner play married couple Donna and Joel Gregory. While researching their latest novel on deceased Hollywood legend, Lorna Love, Joel becomes obsessed with her or is he bewitched? Can Donna break the spell before its too late?

Showtimes: SUN 10/27 8PM &10:50PM, THURS 10/31 12:35AM (Early FRI)

DEATH CRUISE (1974, TV movie) Wow, Kate Jackson is in another film with death in the title! This time she is aboard a luxury cruise liner. The passengers think that they won a fabulous getaway. Instead, they have one-way tickets to murder! Also starring Celeste Holm, Tom Bosley, Edward Albert and Polly Bergen.

Showtimes: SUN 10/27 9:25PM & 12:15AM (Early MON), THURS 10/31 2AM (Early FRI)


THE MUTATIONS (1974, theatrical) Donald Pleasence is experimenting on his students in the name of science. His attempts at crossing humans with plants is definitely the stuff of nightmares.

Showtimes: MON 10/28 8PM & 11:20PM, THURS 10/31 6:20PM

THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN (1971, theatrical) Another desert horror effort starring Strother Martin as the head of a cult in a small town who is Satan’s number one recruiter. Who will save the children before the devil captures their souls?

Showtimes: MON 10/28 9:40PM & 1AM (Early TUES), 10/31 10:35AM (Early FRI)


THE HAUNTING OF JULIA (1977, theatrical) After Julia (Mia Farrow) and Magnus Lofting’s (Keir Dullea’s) daughter dies, the pair move to London for a fresh start. What they didn’t count on was being haunted by the spirits of other children.

Showtimes: TUES 10/29 8PM & 11:25PM, THURS 10/31 4:35PM

A REFLECTION OF FEAR (1972, theatrical) Sinister plans are afoot when a young woman gets a surprise visit from her estranged father and his fiancée. Featuring Robert Shaw (Jaws), Sally Kellerman and Mitchell Ryan.

Showtimes: TUES 10/29 9:45PM & 1:10 AM (Early WED), THURS 10/31 12:15PM


THE PHANTOM STAGECOACH (1957, theatrical) A disagreement over stage lines reaches a breaking point when a solution is reached. Sabotage is the name of the game with William Bishop, Kathleen Crowley and Richard Webb.

Showtimes: WED 10/30 8PM & 10:45PM, THURS 10/31 3:20PM


PARASITE (1982, theatrical) Early post-Apocalyptic fare from the 1980’s, finds a scientist being forced to develop a horrendous parasite that an evil branch of government wants to use to keep the population in line. Not wanting to take part in the experiment, he flees deep into the desert acting as a “host” to one of his creations to keep it from being used against mankind. Starring a young Demi Moore and Robert Glaudini.

Showtime: THURS 10/31 9AM

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