ShortsTV promises a haunting Halloween with their short film marathon

Photo: Trespassers.. Shorts TV Halloween Marathon.. Image Courtesy ShortTV
Photo: Trespassers.. Shorts TV Halloween Marathon.. Image Courtesy ShortTV /

ShortsTV, the only movie channel in the world dedicated to short films is scaring up a haunting Halloween marathon.

ShortsTV has been around for almost a decade. It is a very unique movie channel that caters to short films. This is truly a groundbreaking effort because they boast the world’s largest catalogue of works by various filmmakers.

There is something for everyone and every taste. The network also produces its own original content and is a medium that encourages and supports talent to develop their careers and gain recognition by giving them a distribution platform on an unparalleled scale.

Of course, with Halloween being right around the corner, ShortsTV has a marathon planned that is guaranteed to bring the scares. That isn’t all, leading up to the main event starting Oct. 25, the weekly series, Midnight Hour focuses on the macabre showcasing several spine-tingling productions.

So, if you have a hankering for different fare that leaves you slightly on edge, Midnight Hour has you covered. You can catch “It’s All in Your Head” about a woman who weaves a tale for her child about a monster in a closet or maybe that story is a bit tame and “Kuru” is more your style.

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This particular offering deals with a man who no longer wants to honor his obligation of feeding his brother people that he has kidnapped. What a deliciously evil plot!

Plus, Midnight Hour sounds like an excellent warm-up to the Halloween marathon that begins on the holiday and ends Nov. 2. From midnight until 6:00 a.m. each day you can view spooky content until your heart’s content.

Here is a sample of what you can expect:

We is about a group of hikers that are terrorized by a masked villain in the California mountains. You know when friends are isolated in the woods, the outcome is never going to be a good one!

Motel seems like a dream to a hermit who collects rare items from the forest where he lives in a tiny house. Claustrophobia is always a good convention for a taut psychological haunt.

Trespassers tells a cautionary tale of two friends, Ali and Sara whose inability to follow directions (ignoring a sign to not go into a cemetery) could prove costly.

Indrajaal leaves two cops wondering if the tip they have received about a murder is correct when they arrive at a house that appears to be undisturbed until they hear a noise from within. They break in to the dwelling to investigate. What does fate have in store for them? Tune into the marathon to find out!

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In the US, ShortsTV is available on DirecTV (channel 573), AT&T U-Verse (channel 1789), US Sonet (channel 292), CenturyLink (channel 1789), Frontier Communications (channel 1789), Google Fiber (channel 603) and Blue Ridge Cable Technologies. For platforms in Europe, India and Latin America click on this link.

Will you be watching ShortsTV on Halloween? Do you have a favorite short film? Let us know in the comments.