AHS 1984 season finale: The Final Girl ends with a positive message

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 -- Pictured: Matthew Morrison as Trevor Kirchner. CR: Kurt Iswarienko FX
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 -- Pictured: Matthew Morrison as Trevor Kirchner. CR: Kurt Iswarienko FX /

AHS 1984 was plagued by cliches. Unfortunately, this made the season seem longer than it actually was.

Despite an incredible cast, AHS 1984 spent too much time using conventions from well known slasher films and not doing it’s own thing. The season might have fared better if there were less episodes.

Horror films from that era focused more on carnage and honestly, the storylines were simplistic.  While AHS 1984, on the other hand, had a decent enough story (when it was being original) but the body count wasn’t very high.

So, by the time the finale rolled around, we did get the pay off of mayhem and blood but it was a bit of a “too little, too late” scenario. The overall result was unbalanced. However, what we’re left with is a bittersweet kind of heartwarming message but more on that later.

The end of the story is told in a series of flashbacks after Bobby Richter, Mr. Jingles’ son arrives at the deserted camp in 2019. He’s greeted by Montana and then a little while later he meets Trevor.

They recount their entire plan of how they tried to stop Margaret. Once they learn who Bobby is they tell him his father hasn’t been seen among the other lost souls in 30 years. The spirits managed to keep Richard Ramirez at bay by killing him over and over again in increasingly violent ways.

Margaret’s demise is extremely inventive. The spirits cut her body into pieces and utilize a wood chipper to shoot her remains over the property line. Her head and torso are saved for last, because the brain stays alive for 30 seconds after decapitation.

Montana and Trevor send Bobby to the asylum (where his father was a resident) to talk to Donna who is serving as the head administrator. She tells him all about the type of man his father was. Bobby thinks she was the one who sent him a monthly stipend over the years but Donna reveals she didn’t send him the money.

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After locating the post office where the monthly checks had been sent from, Bobby and Donna find Brooke very much alive and well living happily with her husband and children in Oregon. After talking with her, Bobby makes the decision to return to Camp Redwood to try and make contact with his father’s spirit.

The episode ends with a heartwarming reunion of father and son, after Benjamin (Mr. Jingles) kills Richard Ramirez again. Montana asks that Bobby tell the story of what happened at Camp Redwood so that all of the ghosts who remain there will be remembered. Which brings us to the bittersweet message we mentioned above. As long as we keep the memories of our departed loved ones alive, they are never really gone from us.

Truth be told, I’m just glad it’s over, and here’s hoping next season will be better. Even if it is rumored to be in space.

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