A Ghost-themed subscription box??? DeonteBox unboxing

Photo: Deonte Box.. Image by D.D. Crowley
Photo: Deonte Box.. Image by D.D. Crowley /

If you have ever wished that a subscription box all about the Swedish metal band Ghost existed, you’re in luck thanks to a company called Deonte Box.

It was always just a dream to have a subscription box solely related to getting officially licensed Ghost items. There are a million subscription boxes that exist, but none that will give Ghost fans the kind of box they want…until the DeonteBox.

DeonteBox isn’t your average subscription box. Most of the time, the company will have a theme for your monthly or quarterly box and you will get the box hoping there are items inside that you will like based on the theme, but this box is different.

This subscription box is made just for you. You want a Ghost box? DONE! You want a Halloween themed box? It shall be done. You want a Resident Evil video game box? It can happen. You choose the theme and you can even choose the kinds of items inside.

When you sign up for the DeonteBox, you fill out a questionnaire of the kind of box you want and the types of items you would like to see and the stuff that you don’t want to see. An example is that I don’t like getting mugs in boxes.

I have too many in my life and you can choose to not receive one. You like shirts but want a sweatshirt instead? Then you just let them know in the questionnaire. I filled out that questionnaire and DeonteBox sent me my own Ghost themed box. A huge thank you to them for sending this to me to show to you all. Let’s see what was inside.

DeonteBox Unboxing of Ghostly Delights

Photo: Deonte Box.. Image by D.D. Crowley /

All of the Ghost items that arrived in the box are officially licensed by the band. The first item out was a Popestar handkerchief. This is your standard, thin handkerchief but has the album’s design. If you don’t like handkerchiefs, then this won’t be an exciting item in the box. I wear them and I like to tie them on my bags, so I enjoy this particular item.

Photo: Deonte Box.. Image by D.D. Crowley /

Next up is a Ghost wallet. This is pretty awesome with the grucifixes stamped into the wallet itself and then the band’s name in hard, purple plastic. It also comes with a chain if you happen to keep the wallet in your pocket. The wallet is sturdy and a cool way to show your support.

Photo: Deonte Box.. Image by D.D. Crowley /

Next up we have a pin from Trick or Treat Studios. If you didn’t know, Trick or Treat Studios makes masks to sell to the public from the actual molds where the band’s masks are made from. IF you are going to buy a replica mask, especially of the Ghouls or Ghoulettes, Trick or Treat Studios is the place to get it. This pin is a Ghoul circa Meliora, and I love it. The masks during that time are my favorite and this pin is great.

Photo: Deonte Box.. Image by D.D. Crowley /

The last item in the box was this spirit board design crewneck. This was a limited edition design that I have been looking for for quite a while. I was contacted by DeonteBox to ask if the sizing was okay since this is 3X and I am an XL and I emphatically said yes.

This is Papa Emeritus III playing on a spirit board and I was the most excited about this item. It game in perfect condition and I am so happy to finally find the shirt I have been looking for, thanks to DeonteBox.

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There was another item that was supposed to be in the box and that was a metal key chain. It wasn’t sent at the time because the supplier sent it extremely late, so DeonteBox sent it to me in an envelope but it didn’t make the journey. My envelope had a tear in it and somehow my key chain slipped through and ran off into the sunset.

Now, because this box was sent to me, I didn’t press the issue any further. They were kind enough to send the box for me to.  I was extremely happy with what was sent, even without the key chain . Had I paid for the box, I wonder what the process would have been for item replacement?

Overall, this Ghost-themed box was a lot of fun. I loved opening the box and seeing official merch from my favorite band sent right to my door. If you continue the DeonteBox each month, in theory, it gets more and more personalized to what you like. I love the idea and if you love Ghost, it may be worth checking out, which you can do HERE.

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