Kindred Spirits S04 E01 preview: Into the dark with “School Spirits”

Photo: Paranormal investigators and stars of "Kindred Spirits" - Amy Bruni and Adam Berry... Image Courtesy of Travel Channel
Photo: Paranormal investigators and stars of "Kindred Spirits" - Amy Bruni and Adam Berry... Image Courtesy of Travel Channel /

Kindred Spirits kicks off 2020 with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry’s chilling investigation of the Farrar Schoolhouse in Maxwell, Iowa. This season, veteran psychic medium, Chip Coffey joins the team.

Kindred Spirits returns to Travel Channel in January for Season 4 with more chilling investigations and a new addition to the team, veteran psychic medium, Chip Coffey. We were fortunate enough to preview the first episode, “School Spirits.”

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are called in to explore a terrifying dark entity that is terrorizing the owners and the caretaker of the Farrar Schoolhouse in Maxwell, Iowa. The location has always been haunted by spirits however there is a decidedly disturbing presence that is asserting itself.

According to Will Conkel who looks after the abandoned property, when the site was purchased after it closed in 2002, the intent of the landlords was to turn it into a venue for events. However, that idea was thwarted when people kept being scared off by a menacing 14-foot tall shadow entity.

It’s up to Amy and Adam to figure out what this being wants so that the peace can be restored to the Schoolhouse. Their first night proves to be unnerving when they are attempting to contact spirits in a hallway which is one of the most active locations in the building.

However, when that doesn’t prove to be fruitful, they try Mrs. Martin’s classroom which is also a paranormal hot spot. Instead of doing a straight EVP session to make contact, they utilize the Spirit Box.

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A Spirit Box is like a radio that scans several frequencies to try and pick up communications from the dead. What Amy finds out is extremely important to solving the mystery of the haunting.

The entity that speaks to her tells her that it died on a farm in April. Now, that doesn’t sound like much information but after Bruni does research on the land surrounding the school, it becomes the “smoking gun,” so to speak.

In 1975, 5 miles from Farrar, a man named Terry was murdered on his farm. His throat was cut and his body wasn’t discovered until April. Armed with that critical intel, Amy and Adam decide to call in Chip Coffey to see if he can give them further impressions about the entity and to find out what its intentions are.

Chip’s walkthrough is right on the money down to Terry manifesting as a gigantic shadow figure. The spirit is not wanting to cooperate and basically wants the entire team to get out. Of course, that isn’t going to happen.

So, the trio hold another session with the Spirit Box and there are several moments that occur that will definitely make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. However, we don’t intend to report any spoilers. You will have to tune into the episode!

Will Amy, Adam and Chip have a breakthrough? Why is Terry haunting the Farrar Schoolhouse? Are his intentions malevolent?

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Find out all the answers on the premiere episode of Season 4 of Kindred Spirits on Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

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