Sam Raimi: 10 projects that we would love to see onscreen

NEW YORK - APRIL 20: Director Sam Raimi films a scene on the set of the upcoming movie "The Amazing Spider-Man" near City Hall April 20, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)
NEW YORK - APRIL 20: Director Sam Raimi films a scene on the set of the upcoming movie "The Amazing Spider-Man" near City Hall April 20, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images) /

Sam Raimi like any other creative, has what seems like a million projects in the pipeline. Some make it to the silver screen while others languish in development hell. Here are 10 potential productions that we would like to see in the future.

Sam Raimi is an incredibly busy man. He has a slew of projects in development and a recent announcement has him directing his first feature film in years.

However, like any other creative personality, the director has had his share of those potential productions that make it to the silver screen and others that get tossed aside or languish in development hell. Here are 10 ventures that we hope see the light of day in the future.

10 Projects That We Would Love to See Onscreen


In 2012, The Hollywood Reporter penned an article on Sam Raimi joining forces with Good Universe to produce an adaptation of Susan Ee’s Young Adult postapocalyptic angel saga, Angelfall. It seems like the director has been wanting to do several end of the world epics such as World War 3 for quite some time.

Angelfall tells the story of 17-year-old Penryn who loses track of her sister after the angels of the apocalypse unleash their wrath on mankind for the murder of the Archangel Gabriel. She finds a partner in an angel with clipped wings who helps her fight evil seraphs, gangs and cannibals on her mission to locate her sibling.


Who better to shepherd a comic book movie than the man who gave us the first (and in our humble opinion the best) silver screen Spider-Man? According to the Hartford Courant in 2006, Raimi was set to produce the Dark Horse, Drew Melbourne series, ArchEnemies.

The premise is actually quite inventive and in Raimi’s hands could have been downright hilarious. Ethan Baxter and Vincent Darko are roommates who don’t see eye to eye. Sounds fairly straightforward, right? Not really.

What the pair don’t realize is that their alter egos are nemeses as well. They have secret identities. Ethan masquerades as the superhero, Star Fighter while Vincent is the villainous king of crime known as Underlord. We can see the potential with this one!


It would appear that Sam is a huge fan of Young Adult book series. Deadline reported over 8 years ago, that Sony was acquiring the rights to BZRK, the first novel in a 3-novel series from Michael Grant with Raimi in the producer role.

BZRK is a tale of a group of teens who control biological nanobot robot warriors. They find themselves embroiled in a conflict with evil conjoined twins who are attempting to take over the world by using nanotechnology to brainwash world leaders.

Sounds pretty interesting and original. Actually, we are quite interested in seeing Sam Raimi put his unique stamp on this sci-fi fare.


Behind is a fairly recent acquisition made by Lionsgate so perhaps it may build momentum to eventually reach movie status. The studio bought it with Raimi in mind to produce the short film from Angel Gomez who is attached to direct.

This film festival darling centers around a newly divorced woman who feels like she is on the verge of losing her daughter. However, in time, she begins to see that she is being followed and that her life is about to become a nightmare.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news in January so maybe it will be a matter of time before we hear any further news. Behind is definitely in Raimi’s horror wheelhouse so it could be a future chiller.

Bermuda Triangle

We had reported on this project in 2018. Since Sam has a first look deal with Skydance Television, he would direct the Bermuda Triangle feature through the company’s Media arm.

Ryan Reynolds is attached to this particular project which has us intrigued already. Let’s face it, the subject matter is compelling and has been a source of speculation for hundreds of years.

What we know so far is that Reynolds would be playing a theoretical physicist who is assigned to the case of a missing nuclear submarine. While attempting to find out the cause of the disappearance, Reynolds’ character locates a wormhole using his Grandfather’s research and ends up on an island populated by missing people and animals that were lost in the Triangle.

Fingers crossed that this gets off the ground because it has blockbuster written all over it.

Rounding out our list of Sam Raimi’s projects:

  • Burst 3D: An ominous force that has the power to make people spontaneously combust stalks travelers stuck in a blizzard.
  • E.D. F.: After aliens attack the planet, world leaders band together to create the Earth Defense Force to prepare for a pending large scale attack.
  • Monster Zoo: Based on the graphic novel by Doug TenNapel, Monster Zoo is about an ancient evil idol that wreaks havoc on a zoo by mutating the animals. A group of teenagers team up to fight the malevolent entity before it can unleash its hell on Earth.
  • Stormfall: Not too much is known about this project. According to Variety, the movie is about a heist that takes place during a tornado in the Carolinas. Sounds like a small, intimate venture along the lines of A Simple Plan which we think is one of Raimi’s finest films.
  • The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein: An adaptation of Peter Ackroyd’s novel, the story examines Victor Frankenstein as a young man and his early experiments with corpses. This particular tale has the scientist befriending poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley who encourages his exploits.

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